Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Baxter

Baxter wow you are 15 years old today. Time goes by so fast.

Baxter is such a good good kid. He is such a good helper and always wants to do what is right. He is in 9th grade. He is the Secretary in seminary and goes every morning to seminary at 6 am. He loves to go four wheeling, Hiking, and camping, He loves to help others, He loves going to the temple for Baptism's for the dead. I have teachers, and others tell me everyday what a good kid they think Baxter is and what a great example he sets for everyone around him. He often gets made fun of because he holds such high standards. He is a Eagle scout, that he earned when he was just 13 years old. He is a great kid and we are proud to say he is ours. Happy Birthday Baxter we love you. Dad Mom Bridger Boston Brielle Bristol and Bodel.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Weekend Fun

This past weekend we traveled down to Quartzite AZ. To visit Jason's parents. They have a winter getaway down there. So we decided to go check out the sites.
We went to church with them and our children were the only kids there. I'm guess around 400 people at church and they were the only kids crazy. They loved all the hugs and smiles they got from all the grandparents. Baxter and Bridger were able to pass the sacrament and it was pretty neat.

 Bodel has such pretty blue eyes. And you can really see them when she is in blue. Can you believe she is standing up in the middle of the floor and trying to walk and she is only 8 months old. Bodel sweetie slow down.
 We had fun walking around looking at booths and looking at old mines.

 The kids loved looking at all the pretty rocks.

 On our way home we stopped at Lake Havasu and checked out the London Bridge. It use to be in London and the shipped it over and put it back together. It was really cool. The weather was so nice and in the 70's.
 It was a nice break, fun to getaway and relax a little.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

We had a pretty fun Valentines Day. Boston and Brielle had parties at school. They had fun putting there Valentines together and making cookies for the fun day.

 Brielle came home with so much candy. She was so excited.
 I tried to get a good picture of these 3 but they were to busy for a picture.
 One picture in and Bodel had lost a shoe, Bristol im not sure, she even started with any and Brielle was like ok I smiled can we be done now.
 We made cookies for there classrooms. It something we do every year. We make heart cookies with all the names of the kids in the class on them. They are always a hit with the kids.

 we made over a hundred
 We had them stacked everywhere in our kitchen. We love making them. Well I hope everyone had a great Valentines day. We our off to enjoy our 4 day weekend.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Walk A Thon

Yesterday at the Elementary School. Boston and Brielle had a Walk A Thon. They each raised 25.00 dollars for the school.
Boston is in the 5th grade and walked for 50 minutes.
 Me and the girls went up and walked with him.
 He kept trying to dodge my camera.
 Later in the day we went up and watched Brielle walk. Bodel enjoyed eating her crackers and watching everyone. And Bristol just enjoyed watching.
 Brielle ran for 15 minutes.
 They told her she was done and she kept running.

 It was such a nice day. I think it was around 70 degrees and just a perfect day for everyone to be outside.