Tuesday, February 28, 2012


    We have had a lot on our minds latley. Some news came a few weeks ago to us that has left us with our minds just spinning. Before I share it with you I just what to say a few things. I know that many that read our blog are trying to adopt and I in no way at all want to hurt anyone's feeling with this. I also relise this is our family blog and I want to share what is happening in our lives and I know if this was happining in anyone else's life they would what to share it to.
   A few weeks ago we received a call from Bristol Birth mom. She is pregnant again and wants us to have the baby. She is due in July. She felt very strongly that we should have the baby. She will know in a few weeks what it is. Yes 6 kids crazy. We told her we would pray about it and decide.
 We have done a lot of praying a lot. And we are still trying to decide. I would take it in a heartbeat if there was no money involved. Adoption is a great thing but i don't know why they have to make it so expensive.
 It is something we can do, it is just going to be hard. But in the long run of thing's if you really think about it this is the only money you can spend on earth that has a eternal reward. The baby is ours if we want it. It is a great blessing. Adoption has already brought such a great thing in our lives. Over the next few weeks we will have to make the decision and I know we will make the right one with the lords help.

I'm so thankful for adoption and the great two little girl's it has brought into our lives. The love and the joy that they bring us has no words.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Baxter is 14

Happy Birthday Baxter. Wow I can't believe you are 14. Time goes so fast. Baxter thanks for being such a great young men. You set such a great example for everyone. Happy birthday we love you.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Baxter make's the local news

Retiring the Colors With Dignity

More than 50 American flags were retired at a Moapa Valley home last week in a solemn ceremony conducted by members of local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 8336 and Logandale 1st Ward Scout Troop 26. Each flag was burned to ashes and then buried in the desert as proscribed by various veterans’ groups.

Jason Baker, scout leader for Troop 26, said the scouts with help from the local VFW post conduct the ceremony once a year, “or whenever we get a stockpile of flags.”

Flags for last week’s retirement ceremony had been collecting for more than a year, Baker said.

The flags had come from all over southern Nevada including fire stations, and government buildings. Many of them were those that had been put up in Moapa Valley during holidays that had become unserviceable.

A set of rules of civilian flag courtesy popularly known as “The Flag Code” was first formulated by the National Flag Conference meeting in Washington, D.C. in June 1923. It was an attempt to collect all statutes, executive orders and rules of established custom and usage relating to the U.S. flag.

Although different organizations have slightly different ceremonies, they are all basic in extending the utmost in dignity and respect to retiring the flag.

“We generally get the VFW involved to give the scouts a good idea of the importance of the flag and what it means to all Americans,” Baker said.

Members of VFW Post 8336 who participated last Wednesday included Ralph M. Healy, senior vice commander/adjutant who was acting as sergeant-at-arms; David Fox, chaplain; Lon Empey, who acted as ceremony commander; Bryant Robison, honor guard member, and Gene Christensen, honor guard member.

Each flag is inspected with the sergeant-at-arms explaining “these flags have become faded and worn over the graves of our departed Comrades of all our nation’s wars.”

“Comrades, since these flags have become unserviceable in a worthy cause,” the commander responds, “and these flags have become faded and worn in a tribute of service and love, I recommend they be honorably retired from further service and be fittingly destroyed.”

Each flag was then carried to a nearby fire by two scouts who placed it in the flames where it was consumed.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's fun

We had a pretty good Valentine's Day. Jason had to work but I did wake up to these. We were going to go out last night but we both have bad colds and decided it would be more fun when we both felt good.

 Yesterday the kids got there Valentines ready.
 Brielle still in her Gymnastics clothes.
 We made cookies
 We frosted them and put the names on them from the kids classes. A tradition we always do.

 We enjoyed the rain and the Rainbow.
 Bristol enjoyed the cookies and juice.
 Today both Boston and Brielle had parties in there class rooms. They had a great time.

 I braided Brielle hair in a heart.
 Bristol got a small heart on the top of her head it looked really cute but I could not get her slow down long enough to get a good picture.
 Brielle enjoyed all her goodies after school.
 Tonight we got Chinese take out and the kids have been running to the door every minute trying to catch all the Valentine Knockers. So far the have only caught Brielle's friends. The boys friends are to fast, I never got any pictures of the two older boys they are to cool for valentines. Well of to give this little girl a second bath for the day.

Sunday, February 12, 2012


The Boys have been hard at work lately working on there scouting. Tonight they had there court of honor. Bridger received a bunch of merit badges and his first class. He is just about to turn 12 and will be entering Young Men's.

 Baxter received a bunch of merit badges also. Here is his  leader teasing him that he has no more room on his sash.
 At the end of the night they awarded Baxter with a special award. This weekend he went on his last deacons camp out. He will be turning 14 in a few days. They flew a flag over there camp. They awarded the flag to Baxter that they flew over camp along with a picture of camp.
 It was kinda a tear jerkier.
 They also commented on Baxter eagle project he did. They were super impressed and gave him a very nice complement. Baxter goes in front of the Eagle board this Thursday to get his final and then we can plan his Eagle court.
 Boston has also been working hard in scouting and the other night he was awarded some beads he is half way done with his bear book. He is so excited about scouting and has been working very hard on his Pine Wood Derby car. It is coming up in a few weeks.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Sunny Days

It has been so nice lately. Our Temperature has been in the 70's. We have been spending a lot of time out side.
Our little chicks are sure growing. The kids love chasing them around the back yard.

Brielle and Bristol have a love hate relationship. They are either best friends playing or the are tearing each other apart.
 Here they are playing nicely together.
 Bristol helped Boston round up the chickens.
 Bristol is sure growing. She is 15 months. She is so busy. She climbs on everything. She is either on the table, piano, in the kitchen sink, or somewhere she is not suppose to be at all times. She has been my busiest baby ever. She is quiet the little talker. She can say about 30 words now. Her favorite is word is Brielle and Hello. She can say all the kids names really good. She call's me Mom and was calling Jason, Dad But know she calls him Jase. It pretty funny he will walk in the room and she says Hi Jase. She will stand up in her crib and yell ever ones names until they come. She is pretty funny.
 Back to Brielle and Bristol's love hate relationship. I think the picture's say it all.

I guess it is nap time. Lucky for me, Not so lucky for them.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Brielle Rock's and Rolls at Half Time

Last night Brielle got a chance to preform at a High School Basketball game at Half Time. She was all smiles and had such a fun time.
 She gets so excited to cheer.
 Her Cheer group is made up of 3 and 4 year old.
 For there age they do great. Aren't they cute.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Oh what a few weeks, Anyone else been sick. We have. I honestly hardly got out of bed for 3 weeks. And never even left the house at all for a week. Kind of hard when you have 5 kids.And you are the RS President. finally we are on the mend.and the kids all went back to school today after a week. Hopefully we are good for awhile now.

Last night Brielle had a pretty big night. Our town put on a 2012 Community Dance Invitational. It was a fund raiser for the high school drill team. All the dance teams in town participated. Brielle's cheer group and Ballet group both performed.

Brielle so cute and love cheer loves it. She was so excited to finally get to wear her cheer uniform.
 She is all personality
 The first group that danced were the Debonettes they were the old drill team from the school. They were so cute to watch.
 Brielle little cheer group did such a great job. Brielle says latter to me . Mom Wow did you see all the people out there watching us I was so scared.

 A super fast change in clothes and she barley made it on stage to perform with her ballet group. I love her ballet group. I put her in with a new teacher this year and have been loving her. So has Brielle. She is the youngest in the group. They don't take kids until they are 5 but the let brielle in at 4. She is doing a really good job.
 She had such a fun night. Tonight she is performing at the high school half time. She is so excited.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

And the Winner is

Country Kirby's , I will get them in the mail right away. Congrats

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Saint Patrick Day Bow Giveaway

Saint Patrick Day Bow Giveaway
 7 bows all for Saint Patricks Day
 I will draw on Sat night. Good Luck Just leave a comment to enter.
 Feel free all to enter and add any link. Thanks