Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

We had a great Christmas!!!! It started early on the 23rd of December. Jason had to work this year on Christmas so we had Christmas a day early. The kids don't seem to mind and it is almost a tradition. When your Husband, Dad is a Fireman they have to work Holidays but we do not mind.
So Thursday we had are Christmas Eve. The kids always get to open one present and guess, it is always PJ'S. Here they are all dressed up.
 We always read from the bible and watch Mr. Kruger's Christmas and make cookies and get them ready for Santa.

Santa Loved the cookies and especially the Diet Coke. He gave the Binky's to his reindeer and he said it made them fly faster. Due to the could not argue with each other. Day 2 of no Binky's. I think I'm going to lose it. Melt down after melt down. But Brielle is holding strong.

 A few pictures from Our Christmas Friday Morning.

 Bridger was so excited to get some coal. It is well deserved this year from him. He is proud to say he does not believe in Santa and I told him he would only get coal. He said that's ok. Coal is worth money I can sell it.
 I don't know who was more excited about this gift Jason or Brielle a pink not red. (Red Rider)
 Here is Baxter with a look of total disgust.  He opened up 3 books in a row. Then he realized he had no more presents left and he still had not got what he wanted. Jason and I let him sweat it for awhile then let him in on a little secret. Presents can be hid. Between him and the other two boys are house got turn upside down in a matter of seconds.
 They were sure happy when they hit the jackpot.
 Brielle after a long hard day, Wondering if this is real or if she is every going to be the same without her Binky's.
 Saturday Christmas Day we headed into Vegas to Jason's station. They had a dinner for all the family's. It really is fun every year we have been there on Christmas. Here is Brielle calling over the speaker Merry Christmas time to eat.
 I did not get many pictures. I was busy teaching all the other wife's how to make bows. I did notice something going threw pictures I hardly got any of Bristol. I think it is because I'm always holding her feeding her. But here is one. She was sitting in her swing at the station while we were all eating.
 The kids waiting for dinner
 Brielle was trying to play or I guess you would say mother these little girls. She had a ton of fun playing with them.

It was a great Christmas

Monday, December 20, 2010

Dear Santa and Reindeer

Dear Santa and reindeer, Brielle here. I have searched the house threw and gathered all my Binky's. I'm not real happy but I know that I'm growing up. I have left them out for you and your reindeer's. In exchange I hope you will leave me some presents.
I have tried so hard to be good. But sometimes it is just to hard. I'm sorry My Parents had to talk to you the other day. Thank You for talking to me. I told everyone sorry and I will not forget to leave your Diet Coke out for you. I know that everyone is watching there weight now of days.

 I will enjoy a few more sucks on my Binky's until you come for them. Make sure you take good care of them the have been my life saver for a long time.
 I'm sorry I had them so long. But you see I have had my parents wrapped around my finger for sometime. Well until my Sister came along and screwed it all up. But I know that I'm still very special to them and everyone around me.
P.S I will try so hard not to steal my sister Binky's when mine are gone. Thank You Santa

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Fun

Yesterday we took all the kids down to Vegas. They all drew names and were excited to buy for each other a present. We hit Toys R Us and had some fun shopping. Then we headed over to Bass Pro Shop to see Santa.

                   The Boy all thought they were to big to sit on Santa's lap. But the girls were way excited. 
 Don't you love the boys sweaters. Funny story. Every year I make the boys wear there Christmas sweaters once. Only once. Usually for the ward party or something like that. They hate them. Well we missed the ward party because Bristol was in the Hospital. So I made them wear them yesterday. They were not happy. We got out at the first store and they had put on 2 shirt under the sweaters with out me knowing then snuck out of the car without there sweaters on. I caught then right away. I told them next year I'm going to find them even better Christmas sweaters and they should be happy with those one. Jason said you would have to admit they did try to pull a fast one on you. If you notice you can see all there shirts under there sweaters.
 We had to wait in line for 2 hours to see Santa. Not a fun time with a 3 year old. Jason was making all sorts of friends as people were trying to cut in line in front of us. It seriously, was a seen from the movie Christmas Story with the kids and the line.

 We stopped at the hospital on the way home to see my Step Mom Bernice she had just had back surgery that morning. Jason was feeling her pain. Brielle was loving hanging out with Grandpa.
 This past week the boys have got to open a few early Christmas Presents from Grandparents. They haven't complained.
 Baxter had his Christmas Band concert. It is amazing how much better they sound this year. Last year was his first year playing and he was in beginning band. He is know in the concert band. They did a great job.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We are heading home

Yea we get to come home some time today. Tests come back and said it is Viral Meningitis. Bristol has done what she needed to do to go home. She has had her very strong antibiotics and broke her 4 day fever of 104. I thought she had a 103 fever well the hospital informed me I was wrong. That's ok. I'm so thankful she is doing so much better. The doctors are amazed at how well she has done. Thank you everyone for all your prayers for her. I know that is why she is doing so well right now. Did I mention my baby is not so little anymore she is now 11 pounds. I don't think she is any taller just clear full of pudginess.

                   Just a few pictures from the last few days. Here is Jason trying to catch up on his sleep.
 Don't you love our bed we have been sharing. Jason says, he likes it because I can't get away from him. I sure will be happy to have a good night sleep again. Like Jason shirt. Well the hospital put us on lock down. We can't leave the room. We are feeling like a couple of inmates. Jason had enough and snuck out and went shopping. For a few items like toothbrushes and chocolate. So of course he had to find him a new Christmas shirt. All the nurses are envious, they are headind to target  to buy one as soon as they are off shift.

 They have all sorts off fun things for the babies here. They brought Bristol this little swing in and she has not got out of it. She love it. She is feeling so much better and clear full of happy happy smiles. I wish I could just get a picture of one.
 Her favorite new friend she has met would have to be this little purple butterfly. She sits and smile and cues at it. Thank you everyone for your prayers we have felt them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not a Fun night

Not a picture any parent would like to see your 7 week old being Air Lifted to a near by Pediatric Hospital.

 Here is the story Friday afternoon Bristol came down with a 103.6 fever. Nothing would break it. By Saturday afternoon Jason and I grew very concerned she was not acting right at all. Jason gave her a blessing. Then we tried to make the right decision were to go. Do we go to Vegas,do we go to Utah or do we just go to mesquite. We chose mesquite we thought it is closer and We were sure she just had a ear infection. We get to the ER in mesquite the doctor come in and said we are going to run a bunch of tests. As he told us about the tests he was about to run I kinda got upset and was thinking your joking right. What kind of doctor are you. Well I guess a doctor that new his stuff. They ended up doing a spinal tap on her to check for some stuff. I was not happy about it at all I left the room. I still thought the doctor was up in the night. The tests come back she was positive for meningitis. The doctor says we need to life flight her to Sunrise hospital in Las Vegas. He told us a lot more then that but all I heard was she was being Air Lifted to Vegas and Jason and I could not go with her for they had no room on the Plane. So we jumped in the car and headed down to Vegas to the Hospital. We had a quick stop in Logandale for a few things at home. A quick talk to the kids and to my mom and Allen they came down to watch the kids. The doctors say it is meningitis they are trying to find out at this point if it is Viral or bacterial. If it is bacterial She will be spending 2 weeks here. If it is Viral we can prob lee come home on Wednesday. Either way not fun to see your little baby like this. They have us on Isolation. Everyone that comes in has to were a gown and a mask. Jason and I are not aloud to leave. Due to we are exposed. So meantime we are spending time at the hospital praying that this is Viral and we can have her home for Christmas. Please keep her in your prayers.
                                                       Sorry not the best pictures on the cell phone

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Brielle First Ballet Recital

Brielle had her ballet recital last night. She was all smiles and so excited to be there. She was so cute and did a great job. Watch her below. Just don't mind the screaming Bristol in the back ground me trying to take some pictures and Bridger running the video camera. Make sure you watch tell the end and watch her hold her pose.

Here are a few cute pictures of the night