Monday, August 27, 2012

A Day of First's

I can not believe how fast time goes. 
Today Baxter Went to his first day at High School.
Jason always teases me about how, I have a hard time of letting go of our kids, Like doing thing's for there self's. But I also realise that Baxter only has 4 more years and he will be heading off on a mission, collage and so on. I want to take each moment I have with my kids while I can.

Our morning started pretty early this morning. Baxter starts school at 6 am. I dropped him off this morning to his first day at Seminary. Yes the lighting was a little bad but it was 530am.

 Bridger was excited and hoping none of the teacher's knew he was Baxter brother. It funny what kids worry about. He starts school at 630am with Jazz Band.
 Boston was sure excited to be the oldest in the school. We walked him up to school and off he went with all his friends.

 Brielle oh man was she excited. She has been counting the days down. It makes me sad that she is starting kindergarten. She is my little side kick. She loves to shop and clean and cook. I have a ton of fun with her.

 This little girl is going to be a little lost. I love this morning Baxter came down for breakfast. She walked over gabbed a Banana peeled it and handed it to him. It was pretty cute.
 Little Bodel is growing away. She is smiling a ton and sleeping so good. She is so layied back all the time. And spoiled rotten between everyone. Bristol is so worried at all times about her. it is pretty cute.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little this a little that

This past week we have been trying to cram in everything for our last week of summer. This is Brielle favorite time of year. Because it means Cheer Camp. She looks forward to it all year.
 She loves the High school Cheerleader's. Some our in our ward and she knows them from when I was in Young Women's. She loves them.
 Every year the High School Cheerleader put on a camp for ages 4 and up. Bristol was sure sad when she could not join in.

 The last day of camp the girl's performed for the parents.

 I don't know who loved who the most.
This week heading back to school the girl's were in the hot seat.
 I think this is the 5th or 6th time we have cut Brielle hair. We always cut 1 to 2 inch's off. It is clear past her bum. Did I mention this little naughty girl today i answered the door and it was a few car loads of cops. Brielle had called 911 and told them Boston was being mean to her and her friend. Brielle was hysterical when they showed up and she thought they were going to hall her off to jail. She told them sorry. I think they felt bad for her because she was so scared. She is so naughty.
 Bristol got to take the seat for the first time. I think she was a bit nervous.

 Her hair is so long. But looks so short. We cut 2 to 4 inch's off depending were it was at on her head. I was just trying to even it all up so it was the same length everywhere. It had a ton of baby hair that needed to come off. Her hair is so different then Brielle. My hairdresser was dying how dry it is and how hard it is. There hair is so different them mine.
 It looks so short now. But it not. Just super curly.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Boston's Party

Boston had a great party. He invited 10 of his best friends. They had a air soft war and swam and ate and ate.
I saw this cake on pintrest and knew I needed to try it. Brielle let Boston in on it right before he cut it. So he was prepared.
The boys all loved the cake they ewe and awed about it and thought it was so cool.

 You might notice Boston standing back to cut it. It is not a cake at all but a balloon covered in cool whip with sprinkles. So when you cut
 Well it explodes all over. Look at the kids faces in shock, Then they said that bad now we don't get to eat cake.
 Good thing there was another one in the fridge.
 Jason did the honors of lighting it. Never a dull moment here.
 Boston got nervous and scooted back.
 Boston's friends hooked him up he ended up with a 100 dollars and lots of Lego's. He was pretty excited.

 They had such a great time
 I love when they leave and are telling there parents that was the funniest party ever.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Boston

Happy 10th Birthday Boston
 10 years old today, that is crazy to me. Boston is such a great kid. He is super sweet, shy,loving,funny,quiet,loves hanging out with his friends.
 He loves, animals, sweets, hugs, friends, computers, X Box, Scouts, Swimming,
 He is growing up and not looking like a little kid anymore.
 Happy Birthday Boston. Thanks for being you we love you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Summer is coming to a end

Summer is whining down around here. They kids go back to school on the 27th.
We have a ton going on. Just not a lot of time to post.

A few things we have been up to. We said goodbye to Elder Oakey. We took him down to Vegas the other day for transfers. He is a great guy. We get so attached to the Elders here.

 We had shot and Doctor day. Bridger, Brielle, Bristol and Bodel all got shots this day. You can tell Bridger was so excited about it.
 Brielle did not mind as long as she got to start Kindergarten.
 Bristol was trying to show her excitement. Did i mention she did not even cry with her shots. She never cried until they gave Bodel her's. She did not like that they were hurting Bodel.
 Bodel was a trooper, She did not like those shots at all. She had a great check up and weighed 10 pounds 15 ounces. Wow she has almost doubled her birth weight.
 We have been swimming a lot. Bodel loves it. I try not to let her out to long because she is so fair.
 We do take a ton of pictures of her everyday and here are a few from the past little while.
 She is such a good baby and is sleeping from 8 to 5 every-night. Yes she is a dream baby. She is so good all the time.
 She is so happy and always is smiling and talking away.

 Football is back in session and they have been hitting it hard this past week with practices twice a day.

 The boys all got haircuts for school. The girl's turn is next week.

 And this little one. She is cute She looks innocent, But man is she a handful right now.
 Yes she is eating the crayon instead of coloring with it. She is my main reason why blogging is so hard right now. But we love her.