Friday, May 29, 2009

A few picture's

Yesterday, I was up at the school all day helping out Bridger's teacher I ran home for a minute to find this. Jason and Brielle took off on a jeep ride. Jason said as soon as she knew she was going with him she ran over and got her four wheeling helmet. Smart girl. She had a blast. Now that's all she wants to go anywhere in. I guess I need to learn how to drive a stick. i just thought this was a cute picture.

It funny everyone says all good things come to a end. With every door that closes another one opens. I came to the thought before the boys left for school today. That this would be the last Friday that they would all be in elementary together and all be wearing there school shirts that they wear every Friday. I just thought I would snap a picture. I can't believe how fast time goes.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Brielle

Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl Brielle.
We love you very much, you have touched our lives in so many ways. We hope you have a great Birthday.

Brielle's new wheels

Brielle 10 hour cake, Fondant frosting was fun to try once is all I can say.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kids say the cutest things

A few cute things my kids have been saying lately.

Boston- What if Baxter had a triple header would we really have to go.

Bridger- Can we please adopt another baby. Heidi- why Bridger- I want to go back in the temple.

Brielle- Baxter get up get up you have Practice get up now.

Brielle- No that my jell, Take it off Baxter's hair it mine.

Heidi- I'm going to spank you. Brielle- but I'm the princess. Heidi- Thinking how old is she.

Brielle- Move out of the way you big mom.

Baxter- I want Dad to go with me on my swimming field trip. He looks better in a swimsuit.

Brielle- Shake shake shake shake your bodiee

Brielle- To my scouts, look look at me I'm a princess. My scouts- They just roll there eyes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We are the champions!!!!!!!

Way to go Baxter. Baxter's team took first place tonight. He is the youngest kid on the team and he has done great. They won the pendant. Way to go!!!!! He was super excited along with his hole team. Great job guys.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Fun Weekend

Its funny I keep having all these weekend posts. Which is weird to me. Jason being a fireman we don't have weekends. So because he is off it been fun. This weekend we left Thursday night and went up to Utah for the weekend. We had a lot of fun. We went up on the Dixie hill and hiked around. The boys made it threw the crack.

The Boys made these Marsh mellow shooters at my moms. They made some for there cousins too. They had a ton of fun and marshmallows got everywhere.

Saturday morning we went to my cousins Ramsey wedding at the St. George Temple. Then that night most of Jason brothers and sisters and his parents all went out to Olive Garden and surprised his mom for her Birthday. Then on Sunday we had cake and ice cream with the whole family.

It was a fun weekend. Nice to get away but always nice to come home.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A little story on our Adoption

Our family was great with 5 but someone was missing!

I know many people wonder why we adopted. I thought I would tell the story of Brielle. When me and Jason were first married I was on a special medicine for seizures I was having. They told me that I could not get pregnant while on the medicine. Time past and I was able to not take the medicine anymore. In that time we had talked to our bishop about adoption. He told us to just wait awhile and see what would happen. I think they thought to adopt, was always in the back of our mind from day one because of this.
So here we come a few years latter and 3 sons latter. All boys were born by C section and they basically lost me on the table with the second one. Our doctor told us it would be a very good idea that we had no more. Being on bed rest from 30 weeks on with the last one made us decide he was right. I often wondered about are decision and wondered if we made the right decision. A few months after having our third boy, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. They went in and removed half of my cervix. I new at that time that we had made the right decision. Don't worry cancer free for going on 6 years and no cervix left. That means fully recovered and can never come back.
Well anyway time went on and I knew in my heart there were more. I knew there was a girl. I did not know what rode to take. At first when we were living in Utah we decided to go in to Foster care and see what would happen with that. Meanwhile our home sold and we moved back to Nevada only for the agency to call us and were going to place a child with us. But we had to start the hole paper work over again due to moving states and the child had to stay in Utah. So there we were back at square one.
We felt very strongly to go with LDS family services. We applied and sat and sat on the waiting list. Boston was about to turn 5 and I told Jason if it does not happen before that I'm pulling out. We got a call one Friday afternoon after 11 month waiting on the list. Our social worker told us a baby had been born it was a girl and she had been placed with Catholic Charity's. He new the birth mom had a hard life and he wanted to know if we were OK with that.
Let me go back a 1 year before, We felt very strongly that what ever child was suppose to come to us would. No matter what race, background the Birth parents had. We were ready to deal with anything. Our social worker told us that there was nothing he could do until Monday. He told us that we really need to pray about it. By Monday we were ready to meet our new daughter. They had to get all the paper work together. By Tuesday we finally got to go get her. There was one catch the birth mom wanted to meet us. So we went to Catholic Charity's to pick her up. We got there and our social worker came out and said you guys will not get to take her home today we need to learn more about the birth father. I was pretty sad. Then they took us in a conference room were we got hold our new little girl for a few hours. While we sat and talked with the birth mom. I was so nervous to meet her. She was so nice. She was so easy to talk to. I remember her being really funny. I could tell she has had a tough life. She was homeless 37 years old. I felt bad for her. She was about to give me the most special gift. I will forever thank her for that. I know she will be blessed for keeping brielle inside her and going to the hospital to have her. You could tell she loved her and just wanted to do the right thing for her. So we came home that day to signs in the windows and 3 little boys waiting to see there new sister. Sad to say we did not have her.
I ran to walmart that night and stocked up on everything we did not have for her and plenty of Little clothes because she was only 5 pounds. We went back the next day. This time we meet at LDS Family services we sat in the room with the birth mom waiting for them to bring the baby across town.
Brielle had gone to a foster home for a few day when they released her from the hospital. I could not of asked for a neater foster family for her to go to. The foster mom made me a book with pictures and everything that happened in the 2 day she had her. Also I might add at the hospital she was given to Catholic Charity's. Were Brielle is 1/4 white 1/4 Mexican and 1/2 African American they had no one their that would take a mixed baby. So the social worker from Catholic Charity's being LDS decide to call LDS family services to see if there was a family for her. So that day we sat and talked again with the birth mother for a few more hours. They brought Brielle in and we got to leave.

Pictures with us and Brielle Birthmother

I felt pretty bad that day for the birth mom. They took her to a local shelter that day and dropped her off. I'm eternally grate full for that decision she made that day. She has written one time to us around Brielle first Birthday. We sent her some pictures. She can only write to our adoption agency and they pass it on to us. That way she has no idea were we are. Her birth mom had named her Annie Megan naming her after her mom. We decided to keep Annie as her middle name. Just to keep a little connection there. As Brielle is about to turn Two in a couple of days, I thought I would post a story on how she came about. She has been such a little angel. We had no idea what to expect with her. She has been nothing but a healthy very smart little angel. We do call her a angel a lot because its just amazing how she joined our family.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

4-8 more weeks

Well I'm sure your getting tired of hearing that. Even me and especially Jason are tired of hearing it. I took Jason back to the doctor today, and he wrote him off for 4 more weeks. He told him he should plan on 8 weeks before he will release him to light duty. I know fun huh. He was impressed with how strong Jason is getting and said he is ahead of schedule. The problem is Jason is still very weak from the surgery. Also he has a hour drive into work witch is not to good for him. I know that Jason is discouraged and he wishes his back felt better and he just was not so weak. He is having very high anxiety, If you your bored give him a call. Just taking his mind off it for awhile is very helpful to him. And I guess we will see what the next few weeks brings us.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day

Happy Mothers Day to my Mom.
10 things I love about my mom.
1. She always has taught us that's donuts for breakfast are OK.
2. She is one of the most caring people I know.
3. She will drop almost everything even take the day off to help me with our kids.
4. She enjoys doing all the same stuff that I enjoy, From Shopping, Watching movies and so on .
5. She taught me how to bargain shop and will never pass up a yard sale.
6. No matter what any of her children put her threw, she always has unconditional love for them.
7. She always makes time for me.
8. She loves to give to others.
9. She will even get on a air plane that she hates just to go see my sister and her kids.
10. I love that you are my mom and I would not change that for anything.

To my sister Holly

To my sister Tiffany

To my Mother in law Lynette, Thank you for raising such a great Husband, Father, Son and Brother.
And to all 5 of my sister in laws on Jason side. This is the first year that we all are mothers.

Mothers Day

I had a great Mothers Day this year. First off breakfast in bed. All the kids made me a nice card and Jason got me a really nice new camera. I was really excited. Also Jason took me out Saturday night for crab legs in Mesquite and we went and saw the movie Ghost of girlfriends past it was a way good movie.

Also this weekend Bridger had a camp out in our back yard with one of his Friends. They had a blast. Trying to make Brielle realize she could not sleep out there with them was quite the task thou.

Baxter is such a good sport and will play out in Brielle pool with her. She is always dragging her brothers in her room and out side with her. I'm glad that there such good sports.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Weekend Happening's

We had a fun weekend. Saturday was the first Saturday in a long time that we have not had a double header for Baxter. So we took full advantage of the great weather. The kids had a blast outside plaing on the slip and slide.

Brielle kept running back and forth, She could not decide whos team to stay on.

We snuck over half way threw the day and swam in our neibors pool.

Brielle and her little buddy Cannon. They play so cute togeather. Yesterday at church
I looked threw the nursery window and Brielle was sad. Cannon was over there tring to comfort her it was so sweet.

Baxter being just like his dad.

Brielle not quite sure about the pickle she is eating.

May Day Dances

Baxter's class did two different dances the maple and another one that I can't remember what it is called. He did great, I got to go out and braid the maple with him. I can't believe this is his last year doing the May day Dances. Time goes so fast. He looks more like a teenager then a little kid any more. He kindly reminded me when Brielle is his age he will already of been on his mission for a year.

Bridger's class did the four square. He did a great job.

Boston's class did a dance to a song from move it move. From the show Madagascar. He did a great job.

Jason Dad and Mom came down to watch the boys. They were such a life saver. We got there early to set up all the baskets. Then a wind storm came up and took most of the baskets of the tables. Plus a lot of the things in them went flying with the wind. I was a little discouraged. But it ended up working out. They keep Brielle the whole time which really helped me out. Thanks again

And for Jason his back has really been bothering him a lot more the last few days. It has been a little discouraging. The doctor say if the pain does not go away by wedsday we need to go see him. I know that this is going to be a long process of him getting better. He still has another month that the operation could steel go bad. please keep him in your prayers. As he still has a long recovery ahead of him.