Thursday, April 28, 2011

Baker's Dozen Give Away

I've been thinking and I thought it would be fun to do a bow give way. I'm always making them and love to do it. So I'm giving away a Baker's dozen. You chose the colors and I can layer up to 2 to 3 layers on each bow you choose whatever you what. I have 100's of color and printed ribbon.. I can do all different sizes to. . Leave a comment and I will randomly choose one. I will draw on Monday morning. Good luck
 Here are a few I made for a special thing this weekend, I'll share later.
 and a few i made in the past.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Cookies, Eggs, Bunnies, Oh My

Our kids had 9 days off for Spring Break, Over half we were all sick on. It put a little damper on what we had planned. But we still had some fun. The first day we were all so sick the UPS guy showed up at are door with a small package. It said cookies on it. I said to Jason you ordered me cookies. I thought what a great husband he has me pegged. But he looked confused, He is like i don't think i ordered them. I open up the box and there was a sweet note from my visiting teacher saying Happy Easter. I would have to say i have the best visiting teacher she is always doing such nice things for our family. And it came on the most perfect day.

 The kids decorated a little Easter house. The little princess was so excited and got all dressed for the occasion.
 The boys were on board

 Then a phone call in we lost Boston

 and soon the other two boys had enough of the princess and her bossing around and left her by herself
 Poor little princess
 We colored eggs and Brielle crowned up again
 they had a great time

 Easter morning came early, We have church at 9 so we got the kids up early to celebrate
 Bristol was happy
 Brielle was so excited
 She was so shocked with her Hello Kitty Movie, She has been wanting one forever
 Boston realised he has breakfast for at least a week. If you don't know Boston he is are sweet tooth. He love candy. So he was way happy with his new stash
 Baxter was still in dream land
 Bridger too.
 It was a great Easter full of all sorts of surprises, We walked out Easter Morning to go to church with a card on our door. It was from some of are Friends. It read I saw the highest bunny hopping threw your yard last night leaving 20 or more eggs. The kids had a blast trying to find them some were pretty hard. They were full of really fun things. It was a fun surprise. The kids also all got new church clothes for Easter but we were running late so I never got a picture. We thought new church clothes would come in handy this month because so much is going on. We got our court date yesterday it will be on May 10. I was hoping for sooner but our attorney can't be there until that date. Because he has so many other courts to be at. But I guess its only 2 weeks. Yes can't wait tell its done.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Weekend

 We had a great Easter weekend. We headed to Utah to spend it with Family. Friday we spent the day up in Little Valley camping with my Dad. We had a blast.
 The kids had a great time playing and riding in the Rhino.

 Saturday we joined them for a Easter Egg Hunt. Brielle has so much fun playing with all her girl cousins.
 Baxter and Blake
 The kids had a fun time trying to guess how many jelly beans were in the jar.
 Ready to go on the hunt.

 Blake was a little unsure of his mom holding another baby.
 Bristol and Blake play so cute together. After spending time with my Dad and Step mom Bernice we headed to my Mom's and Allen's for lunch and another Easter Egg hunt.
 Bristol was begging Bridger to share.
 The kids waiting to go out to find the eggs.
 Then we headed over to Jason parents house for a family dinner and egg hunt.
 Here is Brielle and Aj holding up Grandpas trophies he won earlier that day at the car show. Bristol was happy and smiling.
 Here are all the Baker grand kids. All in order from oldest to youngest. All 26 of them Ranging in ages from 13 to 6 months, If you notice Brielle was the only one out of place she moved with out me noticing before I took the picture. She should be 2 down. But pretty good for getting all of them in a picture.

 The kids played and had a blast.

 We also celebrated Brenda's and Martha's Birthdays.
 Happy Birthday guys, You look pretty cute with the butter on your nose.
 We had another egg hunt. That makes 3 for the day. The kids loved it.

It was a great weekend, I still have picture from, Coloring eggs,and Easter Morning I will post latter. I figured this had enough pictures already. Hope everyone had a great Easter.