Sunday, February 28, 2010

Baxter receives the Priesthood

Baxter received the Priesthood today. I'm so proud of him. Jason gave him such a great blessing. Thank you everyone that came. It was great to have you all here. I still can't believe I have a boy that's 12. Crazy

Day 9 and 10 officially

We had a great last day at Disneyland.

A kiss and hug goodbye to all Brielle new found friends.

Baxter was chosen to go up on stage with the high school musical. He was not impressed at all.

A big hug for the brother bear Brielle favorite. We had a great trip and can't wait to go again. It was a crazy ride home. It was raining so hard. We saw so many wrecks a long the way home. There were semi's that had drove off over passes in front of us. There were cars that had drove off cliffs. It was a crazy ride home and we are so thankful we made it home safe.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Day 9

Tired lots of stuff maybe tomorrow .... go bed now jason

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Day 8 Disneyland

Our day started with the elevator ride down to the lobby as the 4 kids all thought they got to push the button. Sometimes I wonder how we don't break the elevator.

Then a Happy Birthday call from grandma Campbell

The kids enjoyed the movie while we took care of some stuff at the front desk.

Then off to Disneyland. We were able to get in a hour early today. Yes due to staying in a Disney hotel. It is so worth it.

Brielle screams before every ride and says I'm ready to go home know.

A few princes shoots

Then of for a break in the pool. Brielle jumped into Baxter at least 30 or more times. I'm glad he is such a great sport about it.

Then off to rain Forest Cafe to enjoy Baxter Birthday dinner.

And a big finish in the fun Lego store. Well Tomorrow is our last day in Disneyland and then we will be heading home on Sat. It has gone by so fast.

Baxter Pirate small but did the job Birthday cake.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy 12th Birthday Baxter

Happy birthday Baxter. We hope you have a wonderful Birthday. How can you not your at Disneyland. Thanks for being such a wonderful son, big brother, friend, grandson, cousin.

Day 7

We had another great day in Disneyland. The day ended early with a early in the day melt down from a two year old suffering on 7 long days and no naps. So we headed back to our room very early and had a nice rest.

Then we need to get out. The boys all they care and talk about is build a bear. When can we go is all we here. So we gave in and away we went.

They had a ton of fun making them and dressing them.

All done and ready to go. You notice brielle bag is twice as big as the boys. A girl always needs to accessorise.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Picture Overload

Disneyland Day 6
Our day started out great with breakfast with the Charterers. Well in started out great after Jason almost got us kicked out of the park for taking in his pocket knife. Long story I won't explain.

Brielle was in heaven, I took lots of pictures of her because she is just so sweet. She had to hug ever one she came in contact with.

Dad look it Minnie can you believe it.

The boys thinking they are to cool for pictures. But there fairy god mother grabbed them for a photo.

Jason and the boys enjoyed the log ride a few times.

Jason and I officially looking like tourists.

Cinderella was so sweet. She loved brielle and sat and talked and talked to her.

Brielle all put out woody took off before she got to hug him. She followed him screaming woody woody.

Cute picture of Boston with his toothless grin.

The only ride of the whole day Brielle did not cry on.

Brielle gets her first mouse ears.

And Brielle is the hit of the parade again. It looks a lot like we may only have a daughter. But the boys run and hide they don't like there pictures taken. Brielle demands it. The boys are having a blast. We are having so much fun. 3 more days still left in Disneyland and lots of big plans.
Staying at one of the Disney hotel comes with a lot of perks today we got in to the park 2 hours early for a private screening of a new attraction it was pretty cool.