Saturday, May 29, 2010

Another busy week

This week Bridger had his Around the World report at school. He chose Egypt to do. He did a great job. This was on Thursday, They sat out in the hall ways and told parents and teachers about there country.

On Wednesday they had a performance were they sang danced and played musical instruments. They are suppose to dress up like there country if your wondering about the costume.
Friday all the kids bring in food from there country's and the have a buffet. It is pretty neat.
Boston had his Bug report due this week to. It was on Bee's he had a lot of fun doing it.
I'm very glad this week is over. It has been so crazy. I missed Ward Temple Night, Young Women's and a few other things. Which is so not like me, But Jason worked most of the week and there was so much involved in this last week of school. By yesterday I needed a break. Jason took me into Vegas and we did some fun shopping and went to a nice dinner. Yes a much needed break. Did I mention Jason and I stated this HGC Diet. I only made it a few days because the hormone they put in you was making me so sick, I could not quit throwing up. But Jason has stuck with it. He looks really good. Yesterday in the store I was looking everywhere for him and he was standing right in front of me. I did not recognise him. He is doing great on the diet. Well School gets out on Wednesday. Yea

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Brielle Birthday Party

The invitations are sent, the table is decorated, the cupcake are done, the goodie bags are done, but something is missing!!!!!!
A few princess friends
Brielle had such a great Birthday yesterday. First off pinata fun with her friends.
Here they all are with all there candy they gathered.
Then a few fun games
Then Brielle favorite part presents
Time for cupcakes
A little butter on Brielle nose
Time to go fishing, The girls had a ton of fun catching the fish and then they got to take them home. They love it.

Then a little rest until there mom's came to watch barney
Then a quick stop at MC Donald's for a happy meal and off to the school for Bridger's report, where Brielle was given a chocolate cupcake. What better way to celebrate your Birthday.
Last night we sang and did cake and ice cream with her brothers, Jason and I was taking a ton of pictures and Brielle said you got a good one, now lite my candles.
Baxter buttering Brielle nose. You might wonder why the butter. It is a Baker family tradion.
It was a great day for Brielle, It was so weird to have all these little girls running around. We are so use to boys boys boys.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Our little Princess is 3

Today is a happy and sad day for me. I'm sad because my little girl is growing up way to fast. But so happy and so blessed that we have her in our life's.
Brielle we hope you have a wonderful Birthday, You will never know the joy you have brought into our life's.
Brielle has gotten so smart over the last year. She can spell her name, write it and will carry on a full conversation with you.
She is so full of energy and is always so happy. We fill so blessed today to have her in our lives. We will forever be grateful for answered prayers, her being one of the biggest.
We love you Brielle
Just in case anyone whats the story from how she came about here is the link

Monday, May 24, 2010

Need a good Laugh

             and not at me this time,  So yesterday as I was heading out the door to church. Jason calls me from work, and says let me tell you about a call I just went on. We got a call to walmart in the bathroom and apparently a guy sat down to go to the bathroom and someone had put some kind of glue all over the seat. He was stuck so stuck that they had to cut the toilet seat off and send him to the hospital stuck on the toilet seat. The guys wife showed up and was thinking it was way funny. The guy not so much. I guess it will teach you not to shop on Sunday and you should check the sit before sitting down in a public restroom.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

All in a Day

Saturday marked the close of Baseball season for the year. We had quite the busy day. First off Boston played his last game in Overton. He is just so cute and tiny.
Bridger ended the season a few weeks ago. He did such a great job.
Our Saturday started out with Boston's game and Hide and go seek in the park
Them off to Boulder City for Baxter's game. Brielle was starting her sugar high with a hostess cup cake.
Then she gave us a little sugar dance
Boston and Brielle enjoyed the time there with Snow cone and friends
Then off to the mall, Jason and the boys went to the sporting good store while me and Brielle got pedicure's.
Brielle was in heaven, She sat there so good and loved it. Here is a picture of her sitting there so patiently waiting for her nails to dry. She was so excited today at church she went running up to one off my young women and said I went to Las Vegas and a lady painted my nails.
Then the boys had enough of Nails, and decided we needed to head to Bass Pro Shop

We got there right in time to feed the fish the kids loved it.
We ended the day at the shooting range and headed home.