Thursday, November 25, 2010

Our FireHouse Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving everyone, Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

We headed down to Vegas about 11:00am. First thing first the boys had to start out with a couple bags of Oreos. The station was surprised on how the boys could put them down, But then they were soon reminded that Jason was there dad.
Here they go to go on a call. Pretty nice  I was there all day, and this was the only call they had. It never happens like that. So they were pretty happy.

The Boys enjoyed there Pumpkin Pie

Brielle enjoyed her olives

                                                                     Bristol enjoyed her sleep
                                                       The other family's enjoyed there self's
                                We had so much food. They did a great job on cooking everything
                                                           The boys made good use of there time
                                                     Boston in a sugar coma, after all the Oreo's and pie.

                                                                           It was a fun day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

Jason and Bristol

I'm so behind in posting that I will try to catch everything up in a post. We have been so busy lately. It is ok I know it is the Holidays. And they are always busy. Well here we go. First of last Saturday we had our Family pictures taken. My sister in law Stef took them. She did such a great job. We started out at the temple in Las Vegas but it was so cold and windy. Wind and my hair don't do well together. So I had a great idea lets go take some at the Firehouse. Jason Station is pretty close to the temple so we headed over for pictures. If you want to check out her blog here it is

Well I thought I would update on everyone

    Jason is doing well. He is enjoying Physical Therapy again. He hurt his shoulder a few months ago. They are trying to decide if it needs surgery or if it will heal. His back still bothers him a lot. I know he will have one more surgery on it. We are trying to post pone it as long as we can. It will probably end his career as a Fireman. So hopefully we can put it off a few more years.

  Heidi well she is enjoying lots of sleepless night. We have never had a baby that has cried ever. Well Bristol sleeps all day long then at night well she eats then screams for 2 hours then does it again. I have been beating myself up wondering what I'm doing wrong. Then a lot of people tell me there babies did this. Lets just pray she out grows it real soon.

Baxter football has ended for the year. He is starting his Eagle Project. He will be receiving his Eagle the first part of March. Not bad a few days after he turns 13. Did I just say he is turning 13. Wow I'm old.

Bridger, Well he has been spending his time not on the play ground at school. Apparently when you jump off the top of the slide on to the ground gets you band for the week from the playground. I really don't know were he gets jumping off the slide from but I let you guess.

This past week he had a program at school. It was relay neat. It was a patriotic program. Some of the fifth grade boys got to dress up in there Scout shirts and do a flag ceremony.

Boston, is taking a new little sister way better then last time. Last time well he would not even acknowledge her, even if someone would ask him about him. He had such a hard time. It took him about 6 months to even look at Brielle. Then one day they were best friends. This time he is constantly asking me to hold Bristol. And loves everyone talking to him about her.

Brielle, She has been loving Ballet and Preschool. She has a Ballet recital coming up on the 8 of Dec. She is so excited for it.

 She has been enjoying many sleepless night along with me. She will hear the baby which is clear across the house. She comes running in. She will sit with me the whole time Bristol is screaming trying to calm her down. She hates hearing her crying.

Bristol she still sleeps a lot. Except at night. She is so chubby, She eats every 3 to 4 hours and is seriously the sweetest little baby. She love the Christmas tree lights.

Well just a little of our life lately. I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. Our Family is spending Thanksgiving at the Firehouse. Jason has to work this year. So they are having a nice Thanksgiving dinner at the Firehouse. So me and the kids will head down to Vegas on Thanksgiving. It should be fun. Well I better get going I have a ton of laundry and I'm heading down soon to Vegas too take the youth for Baptism for the dead.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Welcome Christmas

      It time, The best time of the year. We have been slowly getting ready. And I think we are almost done.
                              We have started with are Christmas staple Pumpkin Pie and Reddi Whip

                                           We even found are early Christmas present, look closely
                                                                               A little closer

                                                                                   There She is

              Tonight we will roast some Pine nuts and watch a Christmas movie, and hang some more lights
                   Decorate a little more, Enjoy Jason old stocking for Bristol's, for we no hers is on the way

                                                               and enjoy are sweet little new addition

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Trying to catch up

Life lately has been crazy. Baby number 5 is keeping me more busy then I ever thought possible. Add lack of sleep in there and it has been hard for me to catch up. But I'm making progress. Laundry has seemed to pile up and I'm finally on top of it again it is a good feeling. The other day I did 6 yes 6 loads of towels. I'm still wondering why and how i have so many towels. And embarrassed to admit that the cupboards were still very full when I was washing all of these.
             Veteran day We went to the parade in town. It is always good. It was so cold and windy.             Jason tried to cuddle up with Bristol and keep her warm.
 They always have a Helicopter do a fly by

 Bridger and his friend Josh. We always go to MC Donald's and grab breakfast and eat it while we watch the parade.

 Brielle and Snoopy

 Yesterday I took the kids into Vegas for the day. They were out of school. I thought it would be a great day to go get some pictures and run a few errands. Final stop  Jason Fire House to say hi. Brielle wanted her picture by the firetrucks so we took a few.

 The station Mascot. They have a lot of fun at the station with this guy.

 I'm still worn out from fighting 5 kids threw Vegas yesterday. So for the rest of the weekend we are going to do a lot of relaxing and Putting up our tree and Christmas Decor. Have a great weekend.