Thursday, May 31, 2012


This past weekend we loaded up the kids and had a fast little getaway. Baxter had a great chance to go down with the band and record 3 songs in Disneyland. We had planned on going for the whole week and had it all booked. But because of adopting again we knew we would have to cancel it. So we could put the money towards that instead. So after a little planning we decided ok we can just do one day. So we were off on a super fast unplanned whirlwind trip.
We spent Saturday in Disneyland which also was Brielle Birthday man was she excited. See this picture of Bridger it will be the only one you see. He hates picture's taken of him.

 We had a great day. Brielle was scared to death of most of the rides this year. Even the little kids one's for some reason.

 Here is are one time seeing Baxter. he was off with his friends enjoying Disneyland. The allowed no camera's in while they were recording there music, so we got no picture's of that.

 Here he is with his friends
 Brielle found her friends again and she was right at home.

 Bristol was pretty unsure of the characters.

 But Brielle made sure she hugged them all.

 Here is Jason going crazy. We were told that last year over this weekend Disneyland was completely dead. Well not this year. It was pure craziness.

 The girl's crashed by the afternoon

 We got to California on Friday and had planned on spending the day at the beach. But it was stormy and windy and way to cold. So we spent about ten minutes there,
 My mom went down with us and she was a super great help. The kids loved having Grandma with us.
 Because it was Brielle's birthday, We decided she could pick out her gift while we were down there. She choose Build A Bear. She had a great time. First she choose the purple Hello Kitty and then switched it to the white one.
 She fielded it with stuffing and gave her, her heart.
 Then she gave it a bath.
 and got her dressed. She loved it.
 Well another very fast trip down. And we are trying to survive this week and next as school draws to a close and there is to much on our calenders.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Brielle

Happy 5th Birthday Brielle. Wow you are 5. Time goes so fast. You are so loved. You are spending your birthday here at Disneyland. You had to come watch your brother play in the band on your Birthday in Disneyland. You sure did not mind. Mom will have a better Birthday post for you when we get home and have some more picture's. We hope you have a great Birthday Love You.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

A mother's love

It was a great day today meeting with Bristol birth mom. I wanted to write about it tonight while it was still fresh in my mind. I would have to admit I was a bit nervous about having much contact after the hospital. But I decide today that you know what it is ok. It was so neat to see how happy her birth mom was to see what a cute little girl she was. She told me that I had sent her a picture of her in her blessing dress and she knew right there and then she had made the right choice to give her up. She wanted that for her and knew she could not give it to her. I know of the love she has for Bristol and for this new baby she is caring. She wants the best for them and it truly is one of the greatest love someone can have for someone.

I just love this picture from today, Bristol walked over to her and put her arms out to her and climbed up on her lap and just looked at her like I know you. And then leaned into her and gave her a huge hug. Almost telling her thank you. It was a super sweet moment that I will always cherish. 

A little update

Sorry I have been so bad lately at blogging. I feel a little burned out with it. But I want to keep it going because I think it is a great way to keep a journal on our family. So I will try to get un burned out on it. Well school is coming to a end around here the kids have two weeks left and they are ready to start there summer. Bristol's birth mom is out of the hospital and doing so much better. We are hoping she can hang on 6 more weeks and we will have a new little baby girl. We are heading into Vegas today to meet with her with Bristol. She has not seen Bristol every sense the hospital when we took her home. I hope it goes well. I have had mixed emotions on having visits with her and Bristol. But I think it will be a good thing hopefully. Baxter is leaving Friday to perform at Disneyland. We are going to take the kids down just for one day and watch him. Brielle is pretty excited because that day is her Birthday. Wow 5 years old time goes by so fast. Relief Society is keeping me super busy, we had another funeral this week. And I have all the intention for another bow contest. I just need to find the time. 

This past Saturday the baker family all got together and celebrated Jason Mom's 60th birthday. We had a great time with everyone. My sister in law Stef came and took family picture's and i will share them when we get them back. Here are a few I took with my camera. Here are Jason parent's with all the grand kids there are 28 of them all under 14. Yes everyone has been busy. We were missing Katelyn because she is having fun in Germany. But everyone else is there.

Jason and his two brothers picking up his mom. 
Well sorry for all the rambling.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Baby update

I just thought I would update everyone on the new baby. Bristol's birth mom is 28 weeks pregnant. She is in the hospital. They took Bristol at 35 weeks and had planned on taken this one at 35 weeks for sure. Mostly because the Birth mom has extremely high blood pressure that they can not get under control. A few days ago she was into her doctor that she See's twice a week and they did her weekly ultrasound. Baby looked extremely healthy and weighed 2 pounds 4 oz. Problem number one there was only a tiny to none amniotic fluid. Problem number two she has extremely high blood pressure so high she could have a stroke. Right now they are keeping her in the hospital watching her very closely pumping her full of steroids. They are looking at keeping the birth mom in the hospital until she delivers. They will deliver the baby as soon as they feel like it is safe. Right now they say the baby has like a 98 percent chance of being ok. But each week that goes by is better. We pray she can make it a few more weeks. But it could be today. I really hope not. They are trying to stabilise the mom right now but if they can't out will come the baby.

Here is Jason and Bristol the day she was born. She was born at 35 week healthy as can be weighing at 5 pounds 15 ounces. I'm hoping this little baby can make it that long. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

We will miss you Grandma

Yesterday my Grandma past away. She was 98 almost 99. She lived a great life. She was actually my great grandma and my kids great great. Thing's I loved about my Grandma. She always had chocolate and ate it everyday and she always had a diet coke in her hand. My grandpa died 20 years ago so I'm sure there was a great reunion last night. She was always a super great grandma to us and we always had so much fun at her house. We love you Grandma.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Um can you say Twin's

This week we became Grandparents to Baxter's new set of twin flour sack baby girl's. Aren't they cute. He was the only one assigned twins. So I told him we had to make those flour sacks cute. He choose girls and we went to work.

 He took them to school in the car seat. It is hard to carry them around all day with all your books. So this was are best idea. He is doing the project for health. He has to carry them around for a week.
 I made sure I packed some lunch for them. I'm sure Baxter is going to love me when he opens his lunch today.

Monday, May 7, 2012

May Day Dance

Friday night Boston had the May Day dances. They are held once a year. Boston is the only one this year in Elementary so he was the only one that got to perform. He is in the forth grade and there dance is the Disco to the song Staying Alive. It is a pretty cute dance and the crowds favorite. He looked so cute and all dressed up to disco.
 He did a great job and seemed to really enjoy himself.

 Bristol was out and about making friends. She is such a little social butterfly.

 She wanted to dance with them. Here she is dancing away.