Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is always fun

I think that life is always crazy. I keep telling myself that the lord only gives us what we can handle. I know every test that he gives us just makes us stronger. I took Jason in to Las Vegas last week for another MRI and today was his doctor appointment to find out the results. Well he had a 5 percent chance of re herniated a disk and out of the 4 disk the worst of the 4 has re herniated. Witch means a few things. 1 more month off work a few more trips into Vegas for injection in his back. And a month of waiting to see if the injections work or if we will be going back for surgery soon. Don't get me wrong most people ask if I'm ready to kill my husband yet. I amazingly have been enjoying him home and will be sad the day he has to go back. Please keep him in your prayers, His pain is doing pretty good, He just needs some prayers that he can get past this and he can return to a job he loves.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Off on Vacation

I would have to say I'm taking the summer off on blogging. Our kids are home Jason home and I found I had been spending way to much time on the computer. So off for the summer to spend much good time with my hubby and my kids.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer Days

We have been loving Summer so far. The kids had a sleep out. Brielle had to sport her Princess tent.
Brielle new attire. She loves it and has to go everywhere dressed liked this. Baxter's keeps saying I'm not going any where with her dressed like that.

Baxter had a blast tonight with his first Boy/Girl party. I'm not sure if I'm ready for this yet.

And Bridger nothing ever surprises me.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Yea School's out!!!!!!

I'm sure I won't be saying that in a few days. Baxter had his 5 Th grade graduation today. He was chosen to read his essay that he wrote for the dare program. He did a great job.

Baxter received a award for Most caring( and most cared about by every girl in the 5Th grade) I know that he is a sweet boy and the girls do all love him. I hope they all just stay good friends with him threw out the years.
This picture is of him and officer Johnson, Him and his wife are some of our closest friends, We just love them to death. He taught the Dare program to them. He did such a great job.

And here are a few pictures of Bridger and Boston and there teachers. And a few from water day that they had yesterday at school.

I'm looking forward to a fun summer. It will be so nice to be able to not have to be any where. We were going to go next week to San Diego for a week, But we decided that with Jason, we needed to see whats going on with him and let him get better. So I think pretty much we will be home all summer. I'm so needing a Vacation but I know it will have to wait. This is the second time I have gotten everything packed for a week long trip to California not to end up going. But its OK. I think it will be pretty nice just being home all summer.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


I know that I should never complain. But I feel the need to, so here it is. I took Jason back to the doctor for a UN Scheduled visit. He has been in really bad pain the last few days. Doctor thinking it might be a muscle spasm. But is very concerned that his surgery has gone bad. He is giving it a few days to see if it gets better. If it does not that means back to more mri's and another back surgery. This surgery would be way more complicated. The missionary's were at our house last night and gave him a blessing. I hope for his sake and mine that it is just a muscle spasm. The next few days will tell. Please keep him in your prayers. He needs to get back to work sometime. Also I did go back private with my blog. I just had a few to many nosey people and I do like some privacy.