Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a few things so far on are trip

We came down from the mountain and spent the 24th of July in beaver. The boys rode in the parade with there grandpa baker and uncle Elmer. Then we had a fun BBQ and fireworks with there cousins.

Mom Bostons touching me.
We have done lots of fishing.
and campfires.
and even found some snow.

and Baxter well he was coming down a hill and rolled his four Wheeler he jumped off and the bike went tumbling down the hill Jason chased it and caught it with his leg right before it went off the cliff. His leg is quite sore. Well so far so good we will be back in a week and a half.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Excitement in the neighborhood.

Today I headed into Las Vegas to pick my Dad and Step mom up at the airport, they have been in Africa on a hunting safari. My dad did awesome and shot all different stuff. Well any way me and the kids stopped and got the mail on the way out of town. All of a sudden the police go by in a high speed chase. I thought thats weird nothing ever happens in logandale. So we stopped next at Wally's and got some drinks for the way. There went the cops again the other way. Then I really wondered what was going on. So we took off to Vegas, I got off my exit and my neighbor calls me and she says you must not be home, and I'm like no I'm in Vegas. She says this guy stole this truck and then went to the power department and stole a lot of tools from them. Then the cops and the guys from the power department chased him right in front of your house and he left the truck right in front of your house. He took off in your back yard. I told her I don't know if my doors are locked or not. So I get a call back a few minutes latter and the cops are asking me if they could go in my house they thought he might be in here. I'm like good luck, but feeling lucky that we weren't home when this all went down. So I guess they came in and searched meanwhile the guy took off and stole my neighbors car, and the cops chased him, out to the desert where he totalled there car. I guess he was a escaped felon from Wyoming. Its funny never a dole moment here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zion and the Renaissance fair.

Good news brielle found her brothers, We went up two days early for the boys because brielle was having such a hard time without her brothers. I think the boys missed her more then us. We took off from my moms and headed up to zion for the night.
The zion shuttle was quite the experience.
We hiked to weeping rock, Part of the narrows and made it all the way to the third emerald pool. Its always quite the experience hiking with jason some how we got off the path and jason took us for are own little nature hike for a few miles all up hill. He loved it the boys keep saying why are you torchering us like this, and brielle she just hum the theme song to Indiana Jones the hole way up. She picked it up somewhere it way cute.
This is a squirrel up at the top pool it wouldn't leave me or brielle alone, it keep take brielle crackers from her.
We went up to cedar city on Saturday with my mom and met up with my sister and her girls and went to the renaissance fair it was way fun.

This will probably be my last post for a few weeks. We our taking off for 3 weeks camping I can't wait to find some cooler weather.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Wanted 3 Missing Brothers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, Brielle here. I'm taking over my moms blog hoping you can help me. I'm missing my 3 brothers all have blond hair, blue eyes, and almost always the same shirt on. One has a dimple in his chin one has braces and one is clear full of mischief you can't miss him. Here the low down we went and visited my grandma and grandpa Campbell's last night after church. We got in the car and came home, I noticed right away that my brothers weren't
t in there with me. I tried to tell my parents I screamed the whole way home. and all they did was laugh at me. I have looked in every corner of the house today, I even have gotten there name all down and have been calling for them. But still no sign. Plus I over heard my mom on the phone and I heard her say they were there until Saturday going fishing bird hunting and playing in the garden. If anyone have seen them please help me find them. Thanks Brielle

By the way Baxter did awesome at the all stars, Here are some pictures from the game. I was even called the cutest and tiniest little moapa valley cheerleader.

Friday, July 4, 2008