Sunday, October 28, 2012

Football,Hunting, and A Halloween Party

Over the last few weeks. We have had a lot going on. Football came to a end. This is Baxter last game. He got to play again after missing 4 games after receiving a concussion in a former game. His couch's were careful with him and only let him play half of the game. Usually he plays the whole time. 
 He love football but this will problee be his last year playing. He loves his couches and some of his friends on the team but there are a lot of players he would rather just not deal with.
 We have loved watching him playing, But we understand his decision. I'm proud of him.
 Jason and the two older boys left for a while and went Hunting. The boys both had deer tags. The made a lot of memories, But saw no deer at all.
 I guess there is always next year.

 Yesterday our store had a Halloween Carnival. Only the girl's wanted to go. Brielle and Bristol had a blast.
 Bodel would not look at me for a picture at all. There was way to much other things going on.

 The girls got there face painted.
 The girls hanging out by there number hoping to win a cake.
 Bodel still not looking at me. Brielle won the costume contest out of everyone there, she got her picture taken for the paper. Bristol and Bodel didn't have there right costumes on. Bristol is going to be a crow and Bodel is going to be a owl. My friend owns a etsy shop, So she made all there costumes for them they are super darling, But she had them at her home in Vegas. She bringing them out before Halloween. She made Brielle Scarecrow costume, Which ended up winning with a landslide of votes.
 Bodel is growing so fast and loves to put everything in her mouth. She is so good with her hands.
 She is a roller, She rolls everywhere and runs into everything. She has been crawling for a few weeks now. She only crawls with here back legs and moves all over the place. She is only 4 months. She needs to slow down, She growing up way to fast.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Happy Birthday Bristol

Happy 2nd Birthday Bristol. 2 years old today, It has gone so fast. Bristol is the sweetest little girl you will every meet and has the biggest heart. She loves life and is always smiling. She weighs close to 40 pounds. She is super smart and can talk really good. 

 She is super crazy, and busy, and loves to climb and continues to surprise us what she can get into. Jason and I always say. You just can't make up the stuff she does. She keeps us on our toes.
 She loves Jason, She follows him everywhere when he is home. She loves her brothers and sisters.

 She love to laugh, and be outside.
 She is not to fond of Santa
 She loves to swim
 and she loves being a mommy.

 and she loves to eat, if you can't tell. She is solid as a rock.
 We love her, she is so sweet and cuddly and just fun. We love you Bristol Happy Birthday.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

If you see me around much, I always have these 3 in tote. They are best little buds. Today we went to a pumpkin patch at the Ag Farm. It is a high school program. Baxter is in the class and really enjoys it. They have a huge pumpkin patch.

 Boston and Bristol were off to find the perfect pumpkin.
 Brielle soon followed,

 Bristol loved it there and could of stayed all day,
 Bridger hiding from the pictures

 Jason and Bodel trying to find the perfect one

 Brielle trying to boss Bristol around

 Bristol was like, dude Brielle I got it, I may be shorter then you but I weigh more then you and you know I can win every battle with you. All I have to do is pull the curls and it puts you in tears every time.

 Bristol was ready to drive them back to the car.
 Not to bad of a haul, I think we may go back because it was so much fun.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Weekend Fun

This weekend we had a great time. Every Holiday we break out the sugar cookie recipe and make cookies for us and to take to neighbors. Yesterday I got my little helpers up to the bar. Bodel loves to be in all the action. She loved sitting up there on the bar watching what was going on.

Warning my picture are not the best, Bristol hid my good camera some where and I can not find it anywhere, so I had to use a old little one that does not work well at all.
 Brielle is always right there while I'm cooking. She is getting pretty good at it.
 Brielle had her friend over, they had a blast helping me roll the dough out.

 Bristol got flour everywhere but had so much fun.

 Brielle and her friend had so much fun frosting them.
 Bristol had fun eating the frosting.
 I told the boys if they wanted one, they had to frost 15 of them before they could have one. You may notice Baxter and Boston helping and Josh, Bridger friend, Bridger was hiding so he didn't have to help and his friend was frosting his cookies for him. At any given time we have 5 to 10 extra kids here. It makes our house fun.
 Here is Bridger pretending he was sleeping while his friend was frosting his cookies.
 Brielle and her friend decorated up there own plates of cookies and took them to the neighbors.
 Friday night was the Homecoming Game. I love our town it is so supportive and everyone comes out to it. I love that all the boys from 3rd to 8th grade that play football all lined up with the Varsity team with there jersey's on. It looked way cool. They played are biggest rival Mesquite. And we one.
 Baxter got to play in the band. And yes bad picture, I have got to find my camera.

Bodel love going to the games, She loves people,
 It was a fun weekend.