Friday, September 30, 2011

It has been 16 years

Wow 16 years today. Sometimes it really seems so much longer and sometimes just like yesterday.

 We have made it threw a lot of fun, happy, good, hard, sad, great times.

 Looking back I would of never guessed we would be were we are today.

 a handful of kids, sometimes it seems like more.

 Here is to the next 50 or more years

 Happy Anniversary babe ! Love You!
Thank you My Love for Being here Through the thick and thin the impossible and the mundaine.
you are My World , My Breath and MY Salvation.. Heidi I love you.
always your loving husband and forever Best friend  Jason 

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Just Busy

Wow what a week. Can you say homework,football,soccer,scouts,Young Women's,Ballet,gymnastics,cheer leading,Preschool lots of practices lots of games and just keeping up with the house life has been way to busy.

I can not believe Brielle is getting so big. She is my little side kick, She is loving that her brothers are back in school and Bristol's nap time. Then she gets lots of attention and fun things to do. She is turning into such a little girl and fast approaching not being a preschooler anymore.

 She is loving her new ballet class.
 and then there is Bristol always silly and always smiling and never ever full.
 and always sweet
 and has a mouth full of teeth
 Brielle is loving gymnastics, and especially her cheer leading group. I picked her up yesterday and her Cheer leading couch said wow she has got it down she is doing so good.

 Football continues, Baxter played in St. George this past weekend at Pine View. Baxter's team won by one point. It was a great game.

 Saturday Bridger and Boston also both had Soccer games. They both did a great job. I forgot my camera. I was so mad. Oh well this week I will get some pictures. So Saturday we sat threw 3 soccer games then headed to St. George for Bax's game. It was a long day. But fun.
Here is to another very busy week. Let just hope I don't forget a kid somewhere because it has been my biggest worry this past week with all the running around.

Also Just a quick thing Boston said the other day I thought was super cute.

It was the first day of fall. He woke up and said Mom it is the first day of fall today. He was so excited. I got him ready for school and he said you might what to get my coat it is fall now. It is going to be cold today. I had to have the talk with him that we live in the desert we don't really need coats until DEC. That a lot of the country is ready for them now but not us. It was just pretty funny.

Monday, September 19, 2011

A little of everything

Our Garden is growing. We have sweet potato's, corn and squash growing right now. We have a whole other side of garden in reserve for 6 rolls of peas.

Our Geese, Ducks,and Chickens are growing
 Our rooster is a crowing
Our chickens are finally laying eggs
 Our front porch is ready for fall
 Same with our mantel
 Our baby is finally full after a cup of pasta, a bowl of cereal and a cheese tortia. She is so hard to get full.
 Can you believe she is 11 months.
 I can not. She is getting close to walking and starting to take a few steps. She loves to shake her head no. She loves to smile. She loves to yell down the stairs calling her brothers and sister all in her own language.
 I have started giving Brielle piano lessons. She has got a few songs down. She also started this past week Cheer, Gymnastics, and a new Ballet class. She keeps pretty busy but it is very good for her.

 See the Scarecrow on top of the piano watch in the next picture when Bristol see it

 Her new best friend
 Bridger just started playing the Clarinet.  And our house was super quiet tonight between a saxophone a clarinet a recorder and the piano. Bridger and Boston just started Soccer this week. Life is very busy right now.

 Baxter being a good big brother and walking with Bristol. Baxter had a football game Saturday night that he played in right after his hunt. He hurt his knee real bad and we think it is broken. We are taking him to a specialist tomorrow to see exactly what is going on with it. I hope it is ok but it is not looking to good.
 Brielle trying to be the mom and Bristol not liking it.
Just another week at our house

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Way to go Baxter

Today was opening morning of the Elk hunt and Baxter got his his first Elk. He was so excited. He had a great team to take him Jason, My Dad, and my brother Beau. Way to go Bax we are way proud of you.
and by the way don't tell your dad but you shot a elk before he did.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Birthday Heidi

Happy 35 Years young

Here she is Heidi Hottie The Birthday girl

                                                         We hope you have a special day

There will be no feeling grey today


                                              We'll have cake and presents for you                                    

                                                        We will even try to clean up the mess too
 Keep smiling and laughing  we LOVE you!!!!
            Happy Birthday!! You are Forever Young.

Thanks for being our, Mom, Friend,Companion and Beautiful Wife.. We love you !!!!!!!!!!  

Monday, September 12, 2011

More Football

Saturday we headed up to Cedar City, Baxter had a game. The weather was so nice and cool.

They won there game 22 to 6.
Cute little Bristol with Jason her poor little yucky nose. She cut all 4 top teeth in the last few days and her nose I can keep clean for anything. But she still is happy.
 Baxter's game was great. The first play of the game they ran and made a touch down.
 Some of the Cedar guys are pretty big.
 My favorite play of the game. Is Baxter is a super good blocker it is very rare that anyone get threw his block. I think the cedar guys had enough of him and 3 of them teamed up on him in a play and all 3 of them picked him up and threw him. He went flying I wish I had it on video because it was pretty cool. Maybe not so much for Baxter but it looked cool.
 It also rained on the game. It felt so nice.

 Brielle and her 2 cousins. My sister Tiff and her husband and girls live in Cedar so they came and watched the game. Brielle had a blast playing with them. My dad and Step Mom Bernice also came and enjoyed the game with us. It was fun to have them all there.
 A good game. Then wee all went out for pizza. A fun day.