Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

I know I did a post earlier today and it disappeared. Kinda weird. We had a great Christmas. I hope everyone else did to.

Here are the kids showing off there new PJ'S they opened on Christmas Eve, We celebrated Christmas a day early because Jason had to work on Christmas. The kids never seem to mind.

Santa came.
Jason made these cute tents for the girl's and Boston.

Bodel crawled around trying to open one of her presents.

Christmas Day we went to Jason station to spend the day.
The boy's played ping pong.
The girl's colored
Bodel and Bristol played away
we watched Christmas Story
we maxed and relaxed
 Jason broke his engine
 so they had to call in a reserve engine. It was pink.

 we had a great dinner
 and know for a major clean up. Our house flooded bad a few days before Christmas. It flooded 2 of our 3 floors and ruined a ton of stuff. We gutted out our basement and know we our working on gutting out the kitchen. Lucky for us we will be getting a new kitchen, It has not been fun at all.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bodel Blessing Photo's

 I had Bodel blessing picture's taken the other day. They turned out pretty cute. She did not what to hold steal. She keep crawling away. But we got a few cute ones.

 I love this little look she always gives.

Monday, December 17, 2012

Christmas Concert's

Lately we have been spending our night's at Holiday event's. We have had so much fun at everything. Last night Brielle had her Violin Recital. She did so good. She has only been taking it for a few month's. She loves it and loves to practice and that makes it easy for us.

 All the students played a few Christmas songs all together. As you can see Brielle is the littlest.
 She performed her very own solo.
 She was super nervous, She did such a great job. I love her teacher Jill. She does such a great job teaching.

 Brielle and one of her best friend's Peyton. You would never guess that they are the same age.
 Bridger also had his band concert this week. They did a super great job. He plays two instruments. The clarinet and Tenor sax. He plays the clarinet in the concert band.
 Baxter and Bodel. Bodel loves to be out and about. She loves seeing everything going on. The boys constantly steal her from me.
 and the Tenor in the Jazz Band. He goes every morning at 6:00 am to Jazz band. He has a lot of dedication.
 They sounded super good.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Holiday Fun

We have been having some fun latley. Yesterday we took the girl's to see Santa. He made a visit to our local Grocery store. Bristol took a lot to get on his lap. She was not a fan. But then she talked about him for the rest of the day. So maybe we made some progress.

 I took Baxter with me for some help. Jason was at work, and Bridger was with the scouts getting Christmas trees, and Boston was in Vegas for a Birthday Party. So it left him. He is a great helper.
 Brielle and Bodel could of stayed on his lap all day. Bodel was all cozy and warm and did not want to get off his lap.

 The Cub scouts made baskets the other night for the widows in our ward. Then they took them to them and sang to them.
 They had a lot of fun.
 So did all the other kids.
 They did a little program. Boston did not have his shirt on. He was having a happy night and went and hid it hoping he would not have to go. He had to miss karate that night and he was suppose to get his new belt so he was having a moment.
 One night Jason took the YM and YW caroling. I went along for the ride. They had so many kids. They had a blast.

Sunday, December 2, 2012

It beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

I love this time of year. I love the spirit of Christmas, and teaching our children the real reason for the season.
 We have started our busy Christmas schedule. Friday Bridger played at the festival of trees. Here is Brielle showing off here fudge. She is her mom's child.
 Bridger jazz band did great

 We have been decking the halls around here latley. Here are a few of our decking.

 a few of our 7 tree's
 Brielle's tree
 Bristol and Bodel tree.


 and this little one, man is she fast now and right in time for crawling under the tree's. She loves to crawl under them and pull the ordaments off.