Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer Fun List

A few of my friends have made these lists and I thought they would be fun to do. We sat down as a family and everyone put there input in. I told them all remember they have to be reasonable things to do. We will try to make it all the way down the list by the end of the summer. Everyday we can pick a few new things to do. It should be a lot of fun.
 I loved brielle's to share nicely.
 I taped it to the fridge and we are set for Summer Fun.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Summer Days

Well summer is off and in full swing around here. We made it threw girls camp. We had a blast. The weather was super nice. It was a little different year. It was ward camp and not with the stake. It was pretty fun just to be with our ward. We spent the week in Maryvale Utah. It is super pretty up there. One night we had scheduled to go to the manti pageant. I thought it would be pretty fun. Earlier that day i was braided some of the girls hair. I came across some bugs in there hair. I had a leader come over to look and sure enough she had lice and same with her twin sister. So it put a little Holt on the plans for manti. One of the priesthood took all there stuff and washed it and the girls got a lice treatment.  That would have to be the only bad in the trip. My favorite was the trip down the river. Here we are all ready to go.
 Our boat crew
 All the girls had the hots for our river guide.
 It was so much fun. I have not laughed that hard for ever. The river was super high. They said they have not seen it this high in 16 years. It made it even funner.
 I would recommend this to all.
 Here we all are just about to head home. Jason was taking the picture. We had a blast.
 The kids started swim lesson yesterday. Boston and Brielle are in the same class. Boston is scared to death of the water and Brielle has no fear. So the same class kinda of evens them out. Yesterday i had the scare of my life. My stomach still hurts. Brielle teacher had his head turned and did not see brielle. She stepped into the deep end and away she went. He never saw her. I ran across the pool yelling as all the parents were yelling at him. We got her out and she was OK. But it really scared me.
 here she is not about to leave the stair and a lot startled.
 Boston really surprised me this year and is loving the water.
 Bristol has gone from I will crawl when I want to. Whats, really the hurry. Too full on out of control. She is fully mobile. And pretty proud of her self. She just turned 8 months and is 22 pounds. I love the age she is . She is so much fun.
 She has been pulling herself up on everything lately. And she will walk around if you hold her hands. I ready for her to stay little. I don't want her to get to big to fast.
So far we have been so busy this summer. I've had my friends 3 kids for a few days. That makes a total of 8 kids in the house. Our house has been pretty crazy the last few days. But we have had a lot of fun.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

We are off

Well the bags are just about packed and we are off headed to Girl's Camp. The boys are headed to Grandmas and Grandpas and the girls are headed to Aunt Jill's and Uncles Ben's. We are headed to Marysvale UT. Off to brave the Sevier river by raft. And enjoy the Young women. See ya next week. Hope everyone has a great week.

Friday, June 10, 2011

It's Summertime

Yesterday was the last day of school. Yea here comes maybe a day or two of sleeping in. (Maybe) Yesterday we took 4 of the Elders plus all our kids and a few of there friends and headed out to the Valley of Fire.
 We have two Elders from Texas one from New York and one from North Carolina here. We love spending time with them. The kids always have a blast when they are around.
 We went on a few hikes,
 Brielle was a big trooper with all the boys she can hold her own.
 Jason was looking at something and didn't know i was taking the picture. But as soon as Bristol saw the camera here came her smiles. I thought this was a cute picture of her.

 Valley of Fire is such a pretty place. If you haven't been there you should go at least once. It was pretty warm yesterday.

 We ran across some foreigners from Germany. apparently they don't understand your not suppose to park in the heavy sand. They were very stuck. Jason hooked on to them with a rope.
 and here came the Elders. Now I know why we keep these guys around. The people were very thankful for the help. The Elders gave them a Book of Mormon. They seemed excited about it. They had all wrote there testimony's in it.
 Next stop Geo cashing in the Vally of Fire. The elders are hooked and love to go. They always leave Book of Mormons behind in the Treasures they find.
 The boys pretty tired and hot,

 3 of the Elders

 Elder Hodowanic and Bridger trying to find the last one.
 Yesterday Bridger also graduated from the 5th grade. Here comes middle school. They always do a great program at the school.

 He also graduated from the dare program
 Way to go Bridger.
We are enjoying Cub Scout camp this weekend. And packing for next week. We will be headed to girls camp. Ya we are happy its summer.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What boys do for fun.

The boys are always up to something. They love playing with there little sisters. I was making there lunch's this morning and they were playing with Bristol. They were making video's of her on there I Pods. Here is a pretty funny one.
The stars of the show Bristol and the poor Army Guy.

Monday, June 6, 2011

House Hunting

Over the last 6 months or so we have been looking for a new house to buy. We have looked and looked at a ton of homes. We live in a pretty small town and there were options but not a ton of what we were looking for. The very first house we looked at I feel in love with. it was a great price and it was huge. Pretty much my dream home. It was in a new subdivision that had just went bankrupt. It scared us a little because there was a lot of problems with the subdivision that would latter cost us a lot of money. I was pretty upset with this house that it was not going to work out, I begged Jason. But in the end after much praying we knew this was not the home for us. But here are a few pictures of the home.
 I loved the stair case.
 we looked at a ton of homes but there were 3 that we liked the most. 3 that we needed to decide on. The second home was the biggest it was huge plus huge. I walked in and lost Jason. He wanted this house he loved it. I had a huge knot in my stomach the hole time we were in this house looking. It was really nice but something was not right. We fasted and prayed about it. And we just did not feel right about it. The house was pretty but not right for us. Here are a few pictures. Love the stairs case.
 love the pool
 and the slide
 and the master bath
 all 3 homes were the same price. So it was not the price we were looking at but what was best for us. There was a home in our ward that was for sale. I had drove by it many times and new the couple that lived there pretty well. i gave them a call one day and asked if we could come see. Ye please come over. They seriously are the nicest couple ever. We walked into the house and we new right away this was the home for us. The feeling in the house was amazing. And the home could not be more perfect. the home is 40 year old. The family has done so much to it. They have lived there the hole 40 years and have loved there home. They have done a ton of work to it. It looks brand new. it has 3 stories, 5 bedrooms 3 baths, a office a dinning room two storage rooms and two family room plus a living room. A shop for Jason and a wonderful yard. They gave us a great deal on the home. We will be closing on the 24 of June on the home. But we will not be moving in for a few months after. They wanted to take sometime to get out of it, And we are fine with that. here are a few pictures of the home. I need to take some more but I will latter. We have a lot of plans for the home too. I love the age of the home and the porches.
 Here is some of the back yard.
 And one of the storage rooms
 The other side of the storage room.
 It has a huge garden in back with a big orchard. I only got a little side of it in the picture because  I was taking a picture of the kids in the pea patch
 the back of the house
 Brielle playing on the staircase.
The kids playing in the tree out back.
Well I guess it time to pack. We are very excited. We love that we get to stay in our ward. I will try to take a few more picture of the inside to share latter.