Monday, April 29, 2013

Everyday Life

Well life continues to be very busy for us. I look forward to Summer and not such a busy schedule. The kids are out of school on June 5th. I can not wait. Bridger has been super busy with scouts he has been on a lot of camp outs lately and last sat he went to Vegas for a regional Jamboree he had a fun time. A few weeks ago he was awarded his life. He has started his Eagle project and hopes to be done in a few months. Jason and I will be heading down to California next week with him to Disneyland with his band as chaperone's. It should be a fun time.
 It has been hot lately, We are suppose to reach 100 degrees today. The girls have been swimming away.

 I straighten Brielle hair one day, and her is a shot of the day after. I told her to let me get a picture before it got all wet and shrieked back up. Bristol had to follow her sister. She is so funny she weighs more them brielle, wears the same size shoe, and basically the same size clothes. She is 2 and Brielle is almost 6. Bristol is going to be a tall girl.
 Bodel would rather play with the water table then swim in the pool. She loves it.
 Her is a picture of Brielle hair the day I straighten it. It takes me 2 hours. We just got 4 inches cut off of it. It is super long and she sits on it when it is straight.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Fun at the Fair

We had a great time at the fair this year. I'm a little slow at posting.
As soon as we walked in the gates the boys all took off and went with there friends. So It left me the first day alone with these 3. They may look cute, But they are a handful.
They loved walking around looking at the animals. Brielle was telling Bodel what everything was and showing them to her.
 The girls loved this little kid area. Bristol would sit and fish for hours.
 Bodel just loved to run around.
 she still hates shoes. I put them on her and she will pull scream everything until she gets them off or I take them off.
 We enjoyed watching the shows. Here is Bridger and his friends.
 Bodel was so funny every time we watched this Bear show, She would make her way threw everyone and would just stare threw the gate at the Bears. She loved them.
 The girl's got there face painted two different days. They love it.

 In the kid area, They had this little sandbox. Bodel walked over to it climbed in there. She loved it. After about 30 minutes I pulled her out and she screamed and screamed. I never seen her gets so mad. She loved the sand.
 Brielle was called up on stage during the magic show to help the magician. She was all smiles.
 Bostob climbed the rock wall over and over again. He loves it.
 Grandma Campbell came for a few days. I loved the help especially because Jason worked most of the Fair this year. And the kids just love when Grandma comes.

 Brielle preformed one day of the fair. She did a great job.
 It funny how much attention Brielle gets from people. Everyone always tells us how pretty she is and how we need to keep her locked up. People obsess with her hair. Everyone plays with it, It drives her crazy.
 My brother Beau and his wife Stef came one day. Bristol always has a blast with Blake.
 Bridger got these Fry's one day and I'm not sure if he got any. Everyone wanted them.
 Blake and Bristol ate them all.
 My mom holding Beau and Stef new little baby girl. She is a doll. She was only 3 week here.
Baxter got a job with a local guy. He owns a BBQ Business. He worked the whole fair. Between two different booths. He made some good money. He enjoyed it.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Who would of thought

that running a Marathon could be so dangerous. My heart and prayers go out to the victims. Jason brother and wife are in Boston right now and ran the Marathon today. They both finished. Adam, Jason brother finished just moments before the bombs went off. They are safe and unhurt thank goodness. It is sad that people can be so cruel. It crazy how things happen sometimes.

I think this runner is a amazing he is 78 year old and was about to cross the finish line when he was knocked over by the explosion. He said he has a scrap is all on his leg. He got back up and finished the race. What dedication.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

The Fair is in town

This week the fair is in town. Ya the kids are so excited. It turns are little town upside down. We always spend 3 days there.
Brielle will be preforming on Friday. This will be her 3rd year she has performed. Here are a few pictures from the past fairs.
 The boys always love the rock wall.

 Mutin Busting is always a favorite.

 and the rides are always fun.
 and dont forget the camel rides
 and all the ribbons the kids always win. We always enter a ton of stuff. This year we took the year off.

 Here is to another year of fun, good food, and memories.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

A Fun Easter

We woke up Easter Morning to a fun surprise. Boston has had some eggs in the incubator for a science fair project this week. We woke up Easter morning to 8 chicks hatching. It was pretty fun for the kids.

Easter we went to church, I tried to snap a quick photo before we left. The boys were not any help as you can see.
 During the week we went to a few Easter Egg hunts.

 Baxter helped Bristol
 Jason helped Brielle
 and I helped Bodel but she was just happy with one egg.
 She is officially a walker now. No more crawling for this girl. You may notice she never has shoes or socks on. She hates them. She will move her feet around until they come off.

 The Easter Bunny came and hit our back yard

 Bodel loves to swing
 we colored eggs
 and had a water fight

 it was a fun Easter break
The kids went back to school on Monday after a week off.