Monday, July 25, 2011

A little update

So life has been way to busy lately. We have been putting in some really long days and nights. Last week we helped the people that we are moving into there home move out. Then we moved some of our stuff in. Then the work begin. We have been painting and bead boarding and redoing cabinets. We should be done with painting by tomorrow and Thurs we will Be moving all the way in threw out the weekend. It is going to be a long week and has already been a long 2 weeks. My mom came for the weekend and was such a life saver. She keep the kids so we could paint and put up bead board. She also did my laundry and packed up a lot of our house and she even made me new curtains for our new kitchen. Aren't mom's the best.

Well in the mist of the craziness we have also had a lot of things going on I wanted to share. Baxter had a great time at scout camp. He also is staying really busy working for people. He seems to be the favorite handyman for anyone over 50 and they use him a lot.

 Boston received his leave no trace behind award along with finishing his whole wolf book. He will be going in to bears in a few weeks. All 3 boys have finished there wolf book completely.
 At pack meeting they made boats and floated them. They had a blast. It was so hot that day. So they had some fun things to get wet with.

 Summer morning come pretty early around here. Baxter has been meeting all the missionary's at the park at 6.00 in the morning and been playing ultimate Frisbee with them He has been loving it.

 The kids have been keeping Bristol entertained so we can work. They keep trapping her down in the basement. She has not learned to climb up yet. Good for me.
 Bristol also turned 9 months. That is crazy. A few new things she likes to do is. Clap, wave bye bye and say Dada. And hide she is so fast and never stops. Here she is in this picture wondering if she is ever going to have her moms full attention again.
 Brielle has been enjoying a lot of time with her friends. Her friend Monroe she just loves. She has been going swimming a lot with her.
 It has been really nice because it keeps her busy while we are busy.
 Her friends mom sent me some picture's from the other day of the girl's. They have so much fun together. And even better they soon will be neighbors. Brielle is going to love it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A few things we have been doing

We have been pretty busy lately. We have been spending a lot of time packing and painting and just staying really busy. Baxter has a few people he has been working for and been making some pretty good money. Bridger started a weed pulling business about 6 months ago, with one of his friends and has been making good money also. They even hired Boston part time. So they have been keeping pretty busy. Jason and Baxter left for scout camp on Monday for the week. So me and the 4 younger kids have been keeping ourselves busy this week. Yesterday I got a babysitter for the kids and took the Elders down to Vegas for transfers. I almost always take them. Every six weeks they have transfers. I love taking them it is a lot of fun. I knew I was going to be gone all day so I took Bristol then I knew the baby sitter would be in good shape.

Bristol had so much fun playing at the church. If you look closely you can see her two new teeth she just cut.
 There was a little boy there that was 13 months. They had so much fun crawling around with each other. He kept crawling over and giving her hugs. She did not know what to think.

 Bristol is getting so big and now weighs 25 pounds at 8 months. Brielle is 4 and weighs 27 pounds. I'm wondering if they make baby slim fast. Totally kidding but she is a lot to pack around. She loves pulling herself up on the couch and walking around it. But the only problem is she can't figure out how to get down so she will just sit there and scream.
 We have been pretty home bound lately, It so hot outside and we been so busy packing. I decided today we needed a outing. We took a trip to the library and the kids all got  there own library cards. Boston was so excited.
 same with Brielle

 Brielle did a puzzle and told everyone to be quite.
 the boys looked and looked for books.
 Bristol checked out some books to.
 Then she laughed and giggled
 Then she spotted Bridger on the other side of the book case
 and she tried to get threw the book case to him, But she could not fit
The kids loved the library and all came home with 3 books. It going to be are new weekly stop.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Our forth of July fun

Yesterday we had a great forth of July. Our little town does things all day long. They start with a flag ceremony and then a free breakfast. Then our kids favorite part the Candy drop. They use to drop candy from little planes and they realized it was a little dangerous. So now they shoot the candy out of cannons.
 It was such a nice morning. It was cool outside which is not normal at all for us. The boys found there friends and were having fun.
 Brielle waited with her bag for it to be time
 Then she hugged a tree
 Bristol enjoyed eating some leaves
 The cannons went off and away went the kids.

 Boston gave his bag away and used his shirt instead
 One of my young women helped Brielle. She was so nice to help her

 Bridger thought he was to big to do it so he stayed back with Bristol. Baxter had no shame and he and his Friends were off.
 Boston had quite the pile
 That he gladly gave all to Brielle. Because there was not a thing he could eat due to his braces.
 We made a hole bunch of flag cookies. We took them to a ton of people and some even made it to Jason Fire Station. Jason worked yesterday so tonight we will be doing are fireworks and dinner fun.
Last night me and the kids went to our new house and watched the town fireworks with the people that live there and had root beer floats. it was way fun. They we will be out in three weeks and we will be moving in.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Friday, July 1, 2011

Swimming,Painting, and Boxing

We have been having a lot of fun lately. The boys have been spending almost everyday at the pool. Here is Bridger and his friends one day at the pool. They ride there bikes down to the pool and stay all day. They love it.
 We took Bristol swimming the other day and she loved the pool. She did not want to get out. Only happy smiles for her.
 Brielle is so funny she just wants to fit in with Bridger and his friends. She thinks she is as big as them.
 Bridger's friends are always so good to her. Sometimes ok always it concerns Jason

 Boston, is slowly conquering his fear of water. He was finally doing better this year. Then the other day he went to a Birthday Party. i just dropped him off. It was a swimming party. One of the other kids playing around pushed him into the deep end. There were no parents outside. One of the kids had to dive in and save him. It scared him to death. He went in and told the mom and after that she stayed out with them. I should of went in and told her when I dropped him off that he could not swim. But I thought they would realise that not all 8 year olds can swim. I felt really bad so did she. So back on the life vest for Boston. And another panic for me.
 We closed last week on our new home. Yea we can not wait to move in. The people we bought it from the lady just finished treatment for breast cancer. They have asked us for some time to get out so she can recover. But they have been so nice and have been clearing the house out as fast as they can. They got most of the kids rooms cleared out and they told us that we could come in and do what ever we wanted to them. So the kids picked their paint colors and yesterday we spent the day painting. Bridger and Boston picked blue.
 Baxter picked gray.
 We got both of there rooms completely done and now we can move on to the girls. Bridger and Boston are the only ones that have to share which will be nice. I told them as soon as Bristol gets bigger all move her in with Brielle and they can have there own rooms. But there pretty fine with sharing.
 Bristol was there and enjoying crawling in the plastic.
 She thinks she is hilarious. She is so fast right now. Trying to keep up with her makes me tired. We have two sets of stairs in the new house that we will have to really watch her good with.
 There rooms turned out great. Hopefully in the next few weeks we can get everything boxed up and moved.