Monday, August 29, 2011

Time for school

The boy's headed back to school today. They were pretty excited. It was a pretty quiet day around here.

Boston started 4th grade
he was pretty excited to ride his bike the hole block to school.
 Bridger started 6th grade and enjoyed his first day at middle school. i can not believe he is that old already.
 Baxter started 8th grade, he is in a size 11 shoe now crazy how big he is getting.
 I put up two pictures of him because i can't believe how big he is looking.
 These two keep us busy today. Bristol is almost the size of Brielle. Brielle starts back to preschool on Thursday.
 Brielle is such a sweet big sister.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

And it begins

Last night we went to Midnight Madness in Mesquite.  It is the opening to the first games of Football. Baxter played 4 games and the first one started at 9:40 pm. It was a late night and 9:00 church came a little to early this morning. He played Mesquite, Dixie, Cedar, and Deseret Hills.  They did a great job. They had a lot of fun.
 They are still waiting on there game jerseys they haven't come yet. So right now there pretty blue.
 Baxter plays left guard and nose guard.
 See these guy from Dixie hopefully you don't no him. He was huge. Baxter was guarding him. He took a cheap shoot at Baxter. And the kid got taken out in the next play by Bax. I guess if you don't play fair Bax is going to let you know it.
 It was a fun night
 Brielle You talking to me.
 Our cheering crowd

 our little cheerleader
 The kids had fun with there friends
 and for some reason most of my pictures i took turn out blurry.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Cheer Camp

Brielle had a blast this week at cheer camp. I think if she could go cheer for 3 hours every morning like she has this week she would just be in heaven.

 Yesterday they had a performance for the parents. She did two dances and two cheers. She did a great job. All smiles for her.
 I love this picture of these boys. Baxter had football practice during the performance and was told to come inside when he was done to watch his sister dance. Along with half of the football team so they could watch there sisters. But when they finally made it in there it was almost over and the girls there age were dancing. This is the look from all of them Mom you did not tell me there was girls my age in here.

 Brielle graduated from Cheer Camp and got her spirit stick
 Brielle was so funny threw all of this watching her. I had told Jason how well she was doing . So he went with me to drop her off. We were watching at the door. I could not figure out why she was not doing anything. All of a sudden she came over to us in a sweet little voice and said. Would you please leave. She did not want us watching her. She is a funny girl.
 I'm going to start her in a few weeks in a Minnie cheer group. She is so excited.
 She loved hanging out with her friends every day.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Soaking in the last days of summer

We are in the last week of summer around here. School starts next week. We are trying to cram a lot in. This summer seemed to go so fast. But i'm ready to get back to my schedule and a few quite days.

The other day while School shopping they had all the pools marked clear down. We had been waiting for them to drop and when they did we took full advantage and picked one up. The kids have been having a blast along with there friends. Especially sense we have broke some records this week in heat.

Bristol is such a little water baby, she loves the water and usually cries when she has to get out.

 Brielle has never had any fear.
 Bridger did not want his picture taken. He is turning into a little man.

 Boston and his friend enjoying otter pops.

 Brielle is in Cheer Camp all week and been loving it. I have a ton of cute picture's I will share at the end of the week. The girl's hand she is holding is Mackenzie. She use to be in our ward. Brielle has loved her ever sense she could walk and would always go sit on her lap during church. Every time she See's her now she runs up and gives her the biggest hug. She also babysits her. She is in heaven this week with Mackenzie by her side. Today was dress up day were they were suppose to dress up crazy if that explains her outfit.
 We said goodbye to one of Our elders. Elder Reese. We really liked him a lot.  They came over to share Boston Birthday with him and a course have cake. He is the one boston is standing by..
Well we have a lot of things going on this week I will share latter in the week. Until then we will be soaking in the sun.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Fun day

 Yesterday we headed into Vegas for the day to finish up school shopping.
First stop the mall. We hit a bunch of stores and wandered around a little.
Brielle hit the jackpot,  she has been wanting these shoes forever. I've never seen them at a store before just on TV. Me and Brielle spotted them right away. They are called lilly kelli.she has wanted them forever. you could not wipe the smile off her face.

Baxter was way excited to be there

 These two too. Bridger is seriously the most picky kid in the world when it comes to picking out clothes and shoes. I don't know what was worse shopping in the mall with 5 kids and husband that worked the night before and got no sleep then trying to pick out a shirt with him.
 Bristol is always so excited to be out and about.
 We took a little break from shopping and took the kid to Chuckie cheese. Brielle has never been before but has seen the commercials and was so excited. She sat there in amazement that chuckie cheese really was there.
 We ate pizza and played a bunch of games.
 Bristol sleep most of the time.
 The kids had fun

 They all traded in there tickets for some prizes.
 they got some cool glasses
 then they appeared on TV.
 cute little movie stars i don't say
 We went to a few more store, Including Hobby lobby one of my favorite stores just not with 5 kids and headed home. Bristol was so funny on the way home i gave her a cookie and she ate it tell she fell asleep. She kept waking up and licking her fingers the whole way home.