Saturday, January 29, 2011


      Time seems to go by so fast lately. I seem to run out of it so fast. As you can tell our blog is suffering.  Blog time seems to be a time of the past for me right now. Between taking care of 5 kids and everything else I need to do on a daily basis it takes most of my time up and leaves me with very little free time.  We have had a lot of things going on lately I wanted to share.

Today was such a nice day. It was 70 degrees out. We decided to go look for some caves some people had told us about. We found them they were so cool. The kids had a blast.

 Boston and Brielle were standing back and wondering if it was ok to go inside

 This cave was huge. You could drive right in it. It went back really far.

 Bristol, as you can tell is getting huge. She is so chubby. She is really getting hard to carry around and she is only 3 months.

 Bridger our little climber took off climbing. He climbed so much and then realised oops!!  I looked down. He realised he was stuck. For Bridger to get stuck and even scared it has to be pretty bad.

 Baxter and Brielle having some bonding time shooting, she is very competitive.
                                                     The Way Out.

 Then last Saturday, Baxter started his Eagle Project. For his Eagle Project he is collecting 250 of the Parks and Rec. Trash cans pressure washing them. Then repainting them. He started by holding a yard sale last Saturday to raise money for the Project. People in are ward donated all the goods. We were so overwhelmed by peoples generosity. Then the big day came and he made a grand total of 1,300 +  pretty good for a couple of days work.
 This past week we were suppose to meet Bristol's Birth Mom in Vegas, to get her ears Pierced. We had scheduled with her 3 times and she had broke them all. She really wanted to be there when we pierced her ears. We finally just told her we were just going to do them. She asked us to take pictures for her. I kinda of felt like a mean mom taking pictures of the whole thing. But here are a few pictures from the day. Here she is sound a sleep right before the event.

 Here it goes
 I know we are going to jail for child abuse
 Jason's like , I'm glad that's done. Now Back Away From My Baby!


Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason

Guess who is 19 again

                                              Jason we hope you have a wonderful Birthday today

                                                        Thanks for being such a wonderful Dad.
                                                                              and Husband

                                                                                   and Friend

                                                                 Love You Babe Happy Birthday

Sunday, January 16, 2011

The kids new pad

Yesterday we were so excited the first day in a very long time we had nothing. We could sleep in we had no where to go. Well we got up about 630 yes early but still sleeping in for us. We were up and wanted something to do. Jason says why don't we go yard sailing. Yes are family loves to Yard Sale so everyone jumped in the truck. Why we took the truck is beyond me. But I guess it is a good thing. First yard sale Jason was admiring these Pink Flamingos. He wanted them so he asked the guy how much and then he saw it. The whole trailer was for sale. Call us a little Redneck but we thought it was way cute. We have not seen the kids every since we brought it home. It was to good of a deal to pass up. Welcome to fort Buttercup.

The people that had it striped everything out and turned it into a little girls playhouse. We were thinking most about Brielle and Bristol. But the Boys have not gotten out of it. Here are a few pictures

 Brielle had Bridger hang up all her paintings

 I still need to add my own touch and put some fun things in it for the kids to play with

 Now we have a great place for the kids to play and for company to stay Ha ha.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Cute little girly girls

It sure has been fun to have pink times 2 in our house. Brielle is turning into my best shopping buddy.
It is so fun to have girl's and share fun things with them. Yesterday Jason and I went shopping and I brought back a blue Sunday dress for Brielle. She looked at it then looked at me and said it is blue it is cute. Did you get me blue shoes to match it. I told her no. I have caught her staring at it 3 different times today and I ask her what is wrong she says I just don't know if I have any shoes to match and that is not good. Jason is like I can not afford this girl. Yesterday while shopping we decided that it was time to buy Bristol a crib. She is number 5 and I have given away 4 cribs now. Not very good planning on my part. Luckily we got a great deal on crib number 5.

 Bristol has loved taking naps in it. Along with her side kick Brielle. Luckily Bristol is still in our room for awhile in her bassinet. I'm pretty sure Brielle thinks she is going to break it in for her.
 I did finally catch a few smiles tonight. They are so cute.
 Sisterly love, What is better then that.
 Bristol is getting so big and will be 3 months in a few days. Crazy it has gone by so fast. She love her bumbo chair.
 We got her this little thing she lays under for Christmas, If she is awake she wants to be under it. She loves it. She will sit and talk for hours under it.