Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween

We have had a fun week of Halloween. Brielle had a ball she got to dress up 3 times and have a few parties. Brielle preschool class had a Halloween Party and then went trick or treating. The parents got to hide in the teachers house and answer 4 different doors to hand them out candy. Baxter was the lucky hand er otter at this door.

 It has been a pretty busy week and I only got pictures of some of it. Bridger and Boston had there parties at school and also there Parade. I'm the room mom in Boston's class so I was in charge of his party. Friday night we took off to mesquite were Baxter played his last game of the season they won and it put them into the play offs. So the next two weeks they will be playing a bunch off games.
 Boston and Brielle had a ton of fun rolling down the hill and then brielle would step right on Boston they did this for a hour.

Right in the middle of the game Baxter got stung by a bee. Here is the coach and Jason trying to get the stinger out.
 It was a great game but it ended early. The other team was doing a bunch of what are coach was calling cheap shots. It made are coach mad and he said something because the refs were not calling it. So the coach of the other team yelled at are coach because he thought he was running up the score, it was a massive yelling match and the game was called early by the refs. Are team was not running up the score but did get a lot of fast breaks.
 Here is the team coming off the field wondering what had just happened with the coach's.

 Saturday we had a fun day of everything. It started with mixing the candy for the bucket to hand out. This is the only year I didint  buy it early and have to buy it like 10 more times.

 Then time for Pumpkin carving. Funny story earlier in the week I ran Baxter to practice and left Bridger to watch Brielle. Well he was not doing a good job. I come home Brielle was at the table had cut a pumpkin in half with a butter knife. She had a bowl and a spoon and was cleaning out and carving her pumpkin. Bridger got in some trouble and Brielle well how do you get mad at something like that.
 Don't you just love Brielle face. She is having I'm not the only Princess in the house syndrome. It is showing.
 The boys had a blast, for some reason this year we had about 15 extra pumpkins from different field trips and so. So Bridger decide he needed to carve them all. He went to work and there is a picture at the end.
 Then there is cute Little Bristol. It was hard to get a good picture. She has been such a good baby. She never cries and is always so happy. She does have her sleeping schedule mixed up. She thinks she needs to be awake and play all night long. It is killing my night and Jason's. Jason has been so good and is taking half of the night's feeding so we both can have a little rest.
 This was the only outfit or costume I could find for the little preemie. I still had to wash it and try to shrink it so it would fit her. She is so tiny. Pictures make her look huge.
 Then here are the other kids. Boston was a clone trooper from star wars. Bridger decided at the last minute he would dress up and I'm not sure what he is. Brielle is Jessie and Bulls eye from Toy Story.

 Early in the night Brielle found Woody and they hit it right off. By the end of the night they were going door to door holding hands.
 Our neighbors invited the boys over for a donut. They had some fun trying to get them.

                                                  Then off we went door to door trick or treating
 We put are trailer on our truck with some hay bells and took a bunch off people from are ward around trick or treating it was a ton of fun.
 Then back home after a long night filling are buckets. Here are our Pumpkin's Bridger stacked a few and had a ton of fun making them.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Our little Miracle Bristol

I have been a little slow at posting lately. The day we got Bristol I grew very sick with a bad Sinus Infection I have not been out of bed for days. I wanted to tell the whole story about her. To help clear some things up. We went to meet with a adoption agency in Mesquite and talk to them about adopting again. They had told us they were swamped they had 3 babies being born this week. The family that had been working with this Birth Mom had backed out early that day. The social worker asked us, She said weird question could I get some family pictures and present them to the mom and tell her about you guys. We said yes, they presented the picture's to her and she new right away this was the family for her baby. She said she was never settled with the other adopted family and she could not believe how meant to be this was. We went Monday night and had dinner with her and her two kids. It was great. She was so nice and I felt like she was my sister and I had know her my whole life. Things were great. We meet her Wednesday at the hospital with some of her family as she gave birth. It was so neat to see. We spent countless hours at the Hospital with her in her room and with the baby. Saturday Morning about 3:30 am I got a text from her. She was saying she was a little sad. She new she was doing what was best for the baby. But she was still very sad. We headed down early that morning to the hospital and we had a great talk. There were a lot of tears involved. She said she had felt like a miracle was taking place and that she could not believe this was so meant to be. It was a great experience. I can not believe all the happiness we have had and how happy every one around us is for us. Everyone can see Heavenly Fathers hand in this.
           I also know that Jason and I have spent countless hours and the temple this past year doing my Family temple work. We new that Bristol was coming soon because Of experience we have had in the temple. We also no that we have been blessed with her because of are dedication to the temple and the work. Bristol holds a special middle name after my grandma that we have been doing all the temple work for. We feel like she was sent here to us as a blessing for helping her out. We have had such a great experience with all this.

Monday, October 25, 2010

We are home

Brielle would like to introduce her new little sister
Bristol Lilly Angleletta Baker
We got to bring her home on Saturday.
We come home to a house full of family, that we loved
And many cute thing in the windows

 Brielle is still adjusting to someone moving in on her territory. The boys are so in love. Bridger you can not get her away from. It is pretty cute.

                                                                Grandma got to hold her
                                  She met her Cousin Blake, Crazy the difference 6 weeks make

 We are sure loving are new addition to are family. Last week was a long and hard week. We are so glad to have her home with us. Thank You all so much for all the nice Comments and Texts they were so nice to have. We feel so blessed and so loved people are so good to us. Thank You everyone for making this so good for us all.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Bristol gets invaded by her brothers

We took all the kids down today to visit. They fell in love. There was a huge fight with the kids with who got to hold her.

 I finally had to grab her and run. Yea tomorrow is the day we get to bring her home. I have had a really hard time leaving her behind everyday. Hopefully tomorrow comes fast.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Brielle visit to see Bristol

We took Brielle down to the hospital today to visit Bristol. She was so in love and so helpful. It is going to be fun. Bristol is still doing well. She is a sweetheart. We hate hate leaving her there but we no she is in good hands. There is 72 hours that the Birth mom can change her mind so that will be up on Saturday and we will get to bring her home. Here are a few pictures from today.

                        This is not the best picture but it shows her eyes open, She is such a sleeper.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Our Little Miracle Right Off Charleston Blvd

Bristol Angeletta Baker
5 pounds 15 ounces
17 inches long

Bristol was born today at 1:19 pm in Las Vegas. She is such a sweet heart. She melted are hearts from the start. We were sad tonight to have to leave her behind at the hospital. we will be back each day to visit her. Saturday we will get to bring her home. She was born super happy and healthy and is doing great.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Is this real

     So are life has made a huge change as of today. Remember how we said we were applying to adopt again. Yes last post. Well I called LDS Family Services to let them know I had the paper work done and ready to turn in. Well they informed me that there poilcys has changed and the will no longer adopt out to Family's with more then 2 kids. They pointed us in a new direction to a new Adoption Agency. So today yes today we went in to meet with them. We had a nice visit and as we were about to leave the social worker said Would you be interested in this situation. Well here it is. There is a birth mom  having her baby on Wednesday. To a healthy baby girl. Would you be interested. And there it was, we came home had a phone call for about an hour with the birth mom. We will go Monday night and have dinner with her. And Wednesday we will meet her at the hospital and be there while she gives birth and then on Saturday we will get to bring her home from the hospital. A new little girl. We can not wait and it does not seem real. It all went so fast. So in the mean time we are getting everything ready here going shopping and filling out 4 months of paper work fast. We feel so blessed. We are in such shock. Please help us pray that it all goes threw. More to come on Wenesday.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Early Christmas Present

Our family has some great news. We are going to have a new baby.

We have started the Adoption progress again. It will be a few more weeks before we are all approved and sitting on the waiting list. But it is all coming together. I decided I would keep track on my blog the whole process. So one day we can look back and remember. To be honest with you we have put this off for awhile. It is hard place to be. It hard to understand until you can no longer have kids of your own. And waiting for the call is the worst. It has kept me from doing this sooner. But we are going to put are trust in the lord and pray that when is the right time Our baby will come. And we know that when we are holding that little baby for the first time it will be all worth all the longing and tears shed for that child while waiting. You may ask what are we asking for this time. Well with Brielle we only asked for a girl and this time we are sure hoping for a girl but trusting in Heavenly Father that he will send us a happy healthy Child we do not care Boy or Girl.

Until that day comes here are a few things to look back at and remember while we wait, We have been given many miracles in our lives
Baxter holding his little sister for the first time

The cute signs in the windows when you bring your baby home

That cute little smile on your Daughters first Halloween

Going to Court to finalize your adoption On Baxter's Birthday

               And the best thing of all making your Family Eternal by sealing your precious little girl to you.

And why do we call it a early Christmas Present, Well adoption is not cheap. The money due upfront is quite a lot and So Jason and I decided this would be are Christmas Present to each other.