Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 1 of Spring break and already a trip to the ER

So it is 7:30 this morning; it had been a quiet morning. The kids got up about 6:00 did there chores ate breakfast and headed outside to there fort. Meanwhile I'm sitting on the couch talking to Jason on his way home from work on the phone and here comes Bridger. Just as calm as can be and says to me can I have a band aid. I look up at him wondering why and i see two hands full of blood it all dribbled down his clothes. I start freaking out hanged up on Jason in a panic. Jason wondering what just happened at home. Bridger tried to cut off his thumb with his pocket knife while trying to whittle some wood this morning. Jason pulled into the drive way and off we went to the ER.

The pictures do not show how really bad it was a bunch of stitches latter, I did not get to count them all before the covered them up.

A stop for a new Ds game and Bridgers own cheese pizza and he is good as gold.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Day 1 and 2 We made it

Our day Started in route from logandale in to las vegas. We arrived into las Vegas around 400 am and dropped off our car at Jason's old Fire station on the strip. We tried to get a Taxi and it seemed to be impossible. So there stood Jason at 4 in the morning on the strip tyring to wave down a taxi in front of the fire station. His old crew came pulling in from a call. and said to there self's who is that stupid drunk guy in front of our station as that got closer they realised it was Jason. They were nice and gave us a lift. We arrived to the airport in style in the Fire truck.

Yea we are on the plane headed to Houston. A Little Ada vain in me and i was good to go.

We took a bus ride into Galveston and boared the ship.

Day 2 was a all day sea day. So we explored the ship and found some fun things to do.

We tried our hand in Bingo. I said to Jason why do I keep losing. And he nicely said Heidi how do you expect to win when your playing Bingo and it is Sunday. Yea I think he had a point.

Then it was formal night on the boat so we got dressed up and went for pictures. I was a little sad i went to curl my hair and my curling iron got broken on the plane some how.

Day 3 Progresso Chichen-itza

Day 3 progresso

This was my favorite day.

This may sound a little Corney. But This has been one of my life long dreams to come and visit these ruins. I stood there looking at them and could not believe I was standing there by them. It was such a amazing experience. I wanted to just cry because I was so happy to be there. But I kept it together until our batteries in or camera died 3 pictures in. And the bus with are camera case was gone. Panic. We lucky found a little hut that sold batteries. We would of paid anything at this point for batteries.

We had a warm welcome into progresso

and off on the bus for a 2 and a half hour ride to the ruins

Our tour guide

They were so amazing and pictures don't show how big and great they are. We only got to spend two hours there. We only saw a tiny portion of them. We are going to take the kids back and see them all.


Day 4 Cozumel

A Disney ship pulled up right next to us. They had goofy hanging off.

We took off and visit some Mayan ruins I loved hearing all the history on them it was so amazing.

Our tour guide Ivan we loved this guy we could of spent all day listening to him.

Welcome to the jungle

There was iguanas everywhere

I had my first Taxi ride.

The ocean was so beautiful there.