Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stake 100 Years Anniversary

Saturday our stake celebrated it's 100 year anniversary. It was a great time. A ton of work and time went into it. They had a dinner and plays and each ward did a dance. Our youth in our yard did a dance to the Virginia reel. Baxter and Bridger did it. They were not to happy about it. But the sure looked like they were having a great time out there doing it.

 Our little cheering crew

 The kids ran around and played with there friends, Bristol had a great time playing with Ellie. She was adopted the same week as Bristol from some friends of ours. We went to court on the same day and they are only a few days apart.
 Bristol is sure huge compared to her even know they are the same age. Baxter went last night to his first church youth dance. I'm not ready at all for my kids to get that big.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Everyday Life

Life just always seem so busy. I feel like some days there is so much running threw my mind that it honestly feels fried. I love when you can catch special little moments in a photograph. Especially with your kids they seem to grow up so fast. 
Yesterday Brielle got to go to Kindergarten round up. She got to go check out her Elementary school and register for Kindergarten next year. I still can't believe she is almost 5 and will be going to kindergarten next year. She was so excited to go and could not wait for them to give her some homework for the summer. Brielle is super smart and has been reading for a year. I'm a little worried that kindergarten is going to be a bit boring for her. 
 Bristol wanted to step in for a picture to.
 We had 3 mommy cats have kittens. Here the girl's are playing with one of the litters. Bristol is a little ruff with them but she sure loves them.
 Brielle is there little mommy

 I went visiting last night with my presideny. We went to visit a older lady in our ward. She says to me I heard you were getting another baby. I made these for her. I thought she was super nice to make them for me. We are still going ahead with the adoption. Jason was able to meet with the Birth mom and Birth dad the other day and had a great visit. The Birth dad has already signed over his right's. Everything is looking good for early July. We pray that it works out but we will see. We do have a name for her a lot of people have asked me what we are going to name her. If it all works out we will be naming her Bodil. After a little pioneer girl that came a cross the plains and died. If you Google Bodil Mortenson you can here of her amazing life that she had for only 10 years.
 also I would love any advice on crib covers. Bristol will not stay in her crib. She has learned to crawl out at only 18 months. I have never had any of our kids get out of there crib and she can crawl out faster then you can put her in. I'm not ready yet to take her out of it. Any help and advice would be very much apprectated.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Fun at the Fair

The fair treated the kids very well this year. Boston won Judge's choice in some brownies he entered and a leather pouch he made. All the kids got big blue ribbons for a lot of different thing's they entered. I'm proud of them they worked really hard.
The girl's got there face painted one day. Bristol just loved it.

I got lot's of picture's of brielle mostly because she is the only one that does not run from them.
Bristol went on her first horse ride. She liked the first time around.
By the second time around she was done.
Bridger enjoyed the rides with his friends.
So did Boston and Brielle
Baxter was a good sport and went on them with Brielle.

Bristol enjoyed her ice cream.
Boston and Brielle showing off there first place ribbons from there birds they entered birds.
Brielle found her friends. She loves these girls.
She hated this ride hated it.
She performed two different nights. She did a great job.

She just loves it.
I did not take a lot of picture's. My Mom came for the fair and we had a great time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Making it big at the fair.

So far the fair is treating us very good. The kids entered a bunch of stuff and they did a super good job. Baxter's Goose took Grand Champion, Judge's Choice, Best of show, and Best of class and his Duck's won reserve Champion and Best of class. The kids got a ton more big blue ribbon's we will share in a few days. Way to go Bax.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

See you in a few days

The fair is in town and that means no school no cooking and having a blast and eating everything that is not so good for us. We entered a bunch of stuff and Brielle is performing two different nights we will see you in a few days and let you know how it all goes.

Monday, April 9, 2012

This past week

We had a pretty fun week. The kids had all week off of school for Spring Break. So we had a lot of friends, sleepovers, and sleeping out on the tramp. We added a few new pets over the weekend also. The kids got two new little bunnies for Easter. And we were lucky and ran into someone that was giving away two rescued Desert Tortoise's. They have been fun and the kids have had a blast all week with them.

We got a chance to visit the Easter Bunny. Brielle was so in love and Bristol was very unsure.

after a little peek a boo she warmed up a little.
Here she is looking at Brielle like are you sure this is ok. Are you sure he is nice.
We colored eggs. Well Brielle and Boston did. Bristol slept and the other two boys built a burrow for the Tortoise.

We had some pretty tulips.
The kids all painted pots. And planted a flower in them. I let them all choose someone they would like to give it to. And we went and delivered them. Brielle and Boston really enjoyed it.