Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Baxter's Eagle Project Take 2

Over the last week Baxter and a lot of help have been spending a lot of time down to the church.

Everyone learned a few new skills

Got to love Brielle she is all me out there with high heel flip flops doing cement work.
We celebrated Jason Birthday
and in the end a great finish
Baxter did a great job, along with a ton of help.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Birthday Jason

Wow can you really be 39. Just to let you know you are old.

 We hope you have a wonderful Birthday today.
 We love you for who you are.
 Thanks for being who you are.
 Happy Birthday
 Love Heidi, Baxter, Bridger, Boston, Brielle, and Bristol.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Our new Arrival

Meet are new friends, We have had 4 chicks hatch with a few more ready to hatch. The all yellow one is our first arrival.

 One is still a little damp from his arrival in the night.
 For are first time trying to hatch eggs it has been a great experience and amazing thing to watch. Our kids and I are glued to the incubator watching for the eggs next moves.
 Bristol has gotten down the word chick and points at them all day saying chick chick chick.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baxter's Eagle Project Part 1

Yesterday was a day Baxter has been waiting for about a year or longer. Over a year ago Baxter did his fund raiser for his eagle project. He earned 1300 dollars from a Yard Sale he did. He went in front of the Eagle board to have his project approved. At that time he was going to clean and repaint all the county garbage cans about 300 hundred of them. When he went in front of the board they turned his project down and called it maintenance for the county. It caused quite the up rour around our little town and people were very upset they turned him down. So that being said it took a lot of wind out of him and Jason and I. It took Baxter some time to regroup and come up with another project. This time he went in front of the board with a new idea. Behind our chapel they are putting in a new little park that the church owns. He proposed to build a fire pit and bench. He was approved right around Thanksgiving. And the brainstorming begin.

A few weeks ago he put a big cement pipe in were the fire pit was going to be. And yesterday the fun begin.

 Waiting for Baxter and Jason with the trailer of block.
 Baxter went to a place in Vegas for all the block and they gave him a great deal. It was a heavy load. They could not fit it all in our trailer and truck, So our Bishop that works right by the place filled his truck up to.

 Baxter started at about noon yesterday and had a ton of help show up threw out the day.
 Those blocks are so heavy 80 pounds a piece.
 Baxter had a bunch of his friends there, Along with a lot of people in our ward.
 Back's are sore today

 Everyone helped each other

 They are going to finish up tomorrow. Stay tuned for the finished project.

Monday, January 16, 2012

There rocking and rolling

and today they should be hatching
 The wait is killing us
 will they hatch
 we will see, For now we will enjoy watching the rocking and rolling.

Monday, January 9, 2012

How to make a Felt Rosette

I had a lot of people wondering how I make these Rosette's. They are super easy. You do not need to be crafty at all. If you can cut you can make one of these.
 I start off with a piece of felt. You can buy felt by the yard and it is super cheap. I buy it by the square's mostly because we live in a small town and it is my only option. I take a cup or bowl depending on the size of rosette I am making.
 I almost always use this orange cup. I use the top side of it. But I used the bowl this time to make a little bigger one.
 Use a white crayon or you can use chalk and draw a circle.
 Cut out the circle. Next cut the circle in a spiral. It does not need to be a perfect spiral. It will add charterer to it if it is not perfect.
 Start in the middle of the spiral and begin rolling. In the middle you want to wrap it really tight.
 after wrapping just a little. Put a dab of glue on it and keep rolling. I put a dab of glue every 6 inch or so to hold it. I only use a small glue gun. I do not like the big ones. You only need a Little glue or it will make a huge mess.
 keep rolling

 until you get to the end. and make sure you glue the end.
 I take some scissors and cut any pieces that look out of place or to long. Don't worry you can mess it up.
 I take a small piece of felt and put some glue on it.
 and glue it to the back of the rosette
 Then I take a alligator clip and line it with ribbon
 I only put ribbon on the top of the clip. Because if there is ribbon on the bottom of the clip it does not hold hair very well. Then I glue it on the back of the Rosette.
all finished, This one I added a little Pearl in the middle.
 Super easy, I making a bunch right now for a little Valentines project I'm making. I will share when it is finished. Hopefully this answers your question's. Let me know if you have any question's.