Sunday, October 30, 2011

While the big boy's are away

They are going to play

Jason, Baxter and Bridger loaded up our 5th wheel this week and headed hunting. Well they got there deer faster then they thought they would. So they decided before heading home they would go exploring.

I started looking at the picture's and about had a stroke.

It amazing what they do when mom is not around.
They found a bunch of old mines and explored.

 Boys don't mind the signs

 Don't worry mom is not around.

 I'm glad that Baxter can be there for moral support

 They had a ton of fun going in the old mines and they went back as far as they dared.

 They even found some pretty cool tree's
 Don't worry boy's mom learned her lesson, she will be tagging along next time. You boys and dad can not be trusted alone.
 and just a quick Happy Halloween Tomorrow. I stole this picture off my sister blog. I thought it was pretty funny. I'm the one on the far right. Bridger said Mom how is aunt Tiffany dressed like a Smurf they were not even invented then. I had to educate him Smurf's have been around a long time.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Way to go Bax

Baxter shot his first buck this morning. It is a 5 by 4 24 inch's.
He was pretty excited.
Jason and the 2 older boys left yesterday for the hunt
They are hunting somewhere in the middle of NV.
I guess they are coming home now that Baxter the only one with a tag filled his.

I was going to go but I heard it was going to be really cold and did not think it would be that much fun with the little kids. So we stayed behind and have been having some fun. Today agenda pick 4 tree's of pomegranates and make jam or jelly I'm not sure what it is. Also harvest 5 rows of corn we will be busy and have some fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Brielle would like to say

That's if she can sing and not laugh threw the song

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Homecoming, Soccer, Football and a Princess Party

We had quite the full weekend. Friday night was our Homecoming Football game. Baxter being in 8th grade he had a chance to play with the High School band at the game. He had a great time.
Baxter is going to perform at Disneyland in May. He is pretty excited. Jason and I are going as chaperone's. We noticed it was the weekend over Brielle Birthday so we decided to take the whole family to watch him. Should be fun. Disneyland is always my favorite.
The game was great. The Homecoming royalty had one of my Laural's and her cousin who use to be in our ward. Only Brielle's two most favorite babysitters. She loves these girl's and could not believe that her babysitters were real princess. She was so into it.

I always love the Homecoming game.

Saturday came and all I can say was wow. Boston started the day off at 7:30 am with two Soccer games back to back.
and scored his first goal he was so excited. And he also scored a trophy.
we ran home dolled up our little princess and off she went to a untea princess party. She had a blast.
Then a quick trip home to get everything ready for the rest of the day and pick up brielle a little early from her party and we are off to Bridger's soccer game

 Bridger did great and scored a few goals. He also got a trophy. And that ended the Soccer season. Yea we made it.
 Then after his game we headed right to St. George for Baxter's game. They played at Snow Canyon against Dixie. Bristol was still all smile's considering her crazy day.
 The Pirates played the best game  I have ever seen them play. There coaches were so proud of them. They played the last game of the season before play offs. They played the un defeated team.
 all I can say is we won. And I would also say that Dixie is a bunch of cheaters. There couch has no integrity at all. Our team walked off the Field pretty down when they had honestly won and the coach from the other team lied and said the had made more touch down's than we had. Making the Dixie's team win. Not true everyone was totally upset. Our coach, well he is a great man he just let IT go. After about 5 different things they did to completely cheat he was like you no what at least our team still has there integrity.
 Baxters team will still go to the play offs were they are matched to play this team again in there first game. It will be interesting. Our kids said mom we have never seen you get upset with a game. I think it is just the integrity of it all that really bothered me.
 I would have to say we have the best team the best coaches and the best number 60 player. I know I need to let it go but it was just so wrong. All the parents were so upset.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Got Cake

Bristol had a great Birthday yesterday.

Warning picture overload ( of a baby eating cake)

I might of just made her cake a little to big, but hey you can only be one once

You might as well enjoy it and she did

 she had been eyeing the cake all day and was like i really get to finally touch it. Wow
 Just a little taste first
 mmmm not bad

 let see how messy i can get

 maybe if i pick it up I can get more in my mouth

 to bad this is all mine it sure is good

 I think that i might be getting a little full
 if I've learned anything by the 5th kid take there clothes off before they dig into the cake and only wear a bib. It took me until the 5th kid to figure this out and wow so much easier to clean up.

 OK I'm done please remove before I eat anymore and throw up.

 Bristol got a few new toys, and a few new clothes and shoes for her birthday. She was loving all the new toys. Her favorite thing of the whole day was when Jason went to the store and brought her back some Balloons. She had so much fun with the balloons. We took them outside when we did her cake and tied them on her high chair and the came lose and floated away. Brielle cried and cried the boys got there BB guns out and try to shoot them down but no luck. But she sure loved them while she had them.