Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fair Time

Tomorrow will be April 1st. And that means one thing in our little town. The fair is coming to town next week. It is one of the funnest things to do in town all year.
It also turns are town upside down with the rodeo in town and the people that come to attend the fair. It is just a really fun time. Our kids have been getting ready with there entries for the fair this week. I decide to pull out a few pictures from the last few years at the fair.

 Boston still and always will be the cutest little cowboy
 I can't believe Brielle has grown up so fast. She is preforming at the fair this year. She is so excited.

 This year Brielle begged us to do mutton Busting. They can do it when they turn 4. Brielle is close. But Jason and I are a little to nervous to let her. She is still so small and only weighs 25 pounds on a good day. I'm afraid she could get crushed. We took Bristol to the doctor the other day and she now weighs 18 pounds. She is going to catch brielle soon.
 The missionary's always have a booth at the fair. These are two of are favorite missionary that ever served her. We miss these guys Elder Smith on the left he still comes to visit quite a bit.

 Bridger always brings home tons of ribbons at the fair and has some great stuff this year to enter. He is hoping for a huge ribbon.

Here is to next week maxing and relaxing at the fair.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Did I mention Rapunzel brush is lost.
 Brielle tore the toy room apart trying to find it.

 If it was not dumped out she dumped it.
Guess who brush is still missing and guess what we are doing today.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter, Reading, and Candy

Easter Candy has to be one of my biggest weaknesses. We seem to have about 10 different jars filled up around the house of it.

 I found these cute new containers this year and thought they were so cute. I filled them up told the kids not to touch them. They did super good and left them alone. Then last night I was gone to a Young Women Meeting for a couple of hours. Jason was at work. I come home and had 4 kids on a sugar buzz and 3 empty containers. Lucky i had bought a stash and quickly filled them all up before Jason arrived home this morning. I tried to make it look like I had everything under control while he was gone. It all was going down smoothly until he noticed were the boys had stashed all the wrappers.
 Boston and Brielle had a lot of fun decorating for Easter.

 I try to keep it very simple with decorations, I'm learning that with 5 kids things seem not to stay in the same place you put them very long. Let me refraze that with Brielle nothing stays in the same place very long.
 I cut some eggs out and some letters and with very little help Brielle made this sign. She did a really good job. I was really proud of her.
 Here are a few of are decorations.

 Brielle was excited to have her bunny friends back.
 Did i mention that Brielle can read. She has learned all her letters and there sounds and now she is reading. She can spell all our names all the kids in her class names and about 30 different words. Did I mention she is only 3 going on 18.

Also both Bridger and Boston passed Hunter safety this weekend way to go boys.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Yea it's Friday

And look who thinks she is so big
Busy weekend ahead, More Braces for Boston, Hunter Safety for the two younger boys, and decorating for Easter for me and Brielle. Hope everyone has a great weekend.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

A little of everything

We have had a pretty busy week. It has been so nice outside lately. Brielle got a chance to ride a horse for the first time. She was so excited. She was all smiles.

Friday night Jason took the his 11 year old scouts overnight for scout camp. They had a ton of fun.
 Baxter also left overnight with the deacons. So that left me with the 3 littlest. Saturday. The young Women had a big Yard sale to raise money for girls camp. So Friday we spent the night helping the girls get everything set up. Here are my little helpers at work. Boston keep the girls busy while I was busy at work.

 Bristol turns 5 months tomorrow. Its crazy how fast it has gone. She is now 17.4 pounds and 28 inches long. She has gotten so big so fast. She is always so happy. She is eating solids, She loves rice cereal and sweet potato's and crackers. She is starting to hold and play with things. She will sit for a little while by herself  but then she wants to take off after everyone and falls. We are so thankful for her she is such a little sweetie.

 Brielle is so good with her. She loves her so much and tries so hard to take care of her. Here they are after there baths tonight just playing in there room together.
 I would have to say the only thing Bristol does not have down is sleeping threw the night. She still gets up at least 3 or 4 times to eat, As you can tell she likes her food. I've tried everything to get her to hold off threw the night but she is up every two hours. Any suggestions would be great. I feel like I'm walking around like a zombie.
Here's to another great week.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Happy Happy Day

        Well today is one of those days that you feel like a huge burden has been lifted off your chest.
Long story I will try to make it very short. Bristol, Yes her adoption happened super fast so fast. When we found out we were going to get her we were so excited jumped for joy and then thought to ourselves we do not have one thing not one thing. We had gotten rid of everything because we thought we were done. Then a big push to apply again and bam here's your baby. So panic begin to set in and we spent two full days in Vegas shopping. The night before she was born we were feeling pretty ready. Felt good real good about everything. And we got a call that scared us a little ok a lot. The Birth father had contacted the agency and said to them i want this baby. (What )were has he been all this time, did he not tell the birth mom to get a abortion and dump her yes. The agency after talking to the birth mom told us that he was just trying to cause trouble. That he had no intention what so ever to raise this child. We contacted our attorney wanting to know all are rights and if we dare go threw with this. He assured us that everything would be fine. He ran a check on the birth dad found out he was a 10 time felon and no way would a judge ever give a child to him. Don't get me wrong if I had felt like this dad was a good guy and really wanting to take care of this child then yes, I would totally not stop him from having his child. But he was quite the piece of work to find out. so us our attorney and the agency made a plan that Bristol would be signed directly to us upon leaving the hospital. Most of the time the baby is signed to the agency until the adoption if final. But this was to protect everyone involved. And yes the attorney great guy said we can do this but it going to cost you. We figured. Only about 10 times as much as we paid him to finalize brielle adoption. But well worth it. It was called a very high risk adoption very. But we knew that Bristol was meant for our family and we knew that we needed to trust in the lord and he would not let us down. It seems like the last few years I have had to put my trust a lot in the lord. He hasn't let me down yet. The court day was set about 3 months ago and March 15 could not get her soon enough. We got a call early this morning from our attorney and he said Em I the man or Em I the man. Everything went great today in court the dads rights were terminated and your court date will be set in the next couple of weeks to finalize your adoption. Yes what a relief. Come to find out the Birth father never responded to anything the court sent him. he never showed up in court. Yes A huge stress lifted off of us.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bridger crosses the bridge

This past week, Bridger advanced from Cub Scouts to 11 years old scouts.

Bridger received every award possible he could earn from Cub scouts
A good bye to his old scout leader Sister Mcmurry. She is the best.
I think he is still wondering about his new Scout leader. Bridger welcome to your worst nightmare.

Bristol is always just happy and content, She is so tubby
We had a guest speaker he was great.