Saturday, March 23, 2013


 This little one has been hopping around. Bodel is 9 months. And she is walking. Yes that's right crazy as it may seem. She will take about 5 steps at a time and sometimes more.
 She cut here first tooth last week. She loves to eat. She will eat anything and everything. She never turns food down.
She is getting so big.
 This past week Brielle had Crazy hair day at school. Bristol had a little crazy hair to.
 We did it as crazy as we could.
 Bridger and Boston had more testing for karate. Bodel was all smiles.
 She looks pretty bawled but her hair is really starting to come in. It is super blonde with a lot of red threw out it. It is super pretty.
 The boys did so good.

 The moved up a belt from Purple to Orange. They were pretty happy.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

A little bit of Cheer Fun

Last night the Middle School dance team had there dance review. Brielle and her cheer group got to perform.
 Brielle and her friend
 When they came in the gym the crowd rose with excitement. They are so cute. I guess there is a hundred in all.
 Brielle group is made up of 3,4,5 year olds.
 They did a cheer and a dance.
 Here Brielle was telling the littlest of them all to put her head down.
 They had a fun night.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Disney Picture Overload

We had a fun trip to California. We spent 5 day's in Disneyland and Disney California. Saturday and Sunday was so busy. It was very overwhelming. By Monday the crowds had left and it was super nice the rest of the week. I don't think we have ever been there over a weekend but I was trying not to pull the kids out to many days from school. We learned a lesson no more weekends in Disneyland just week days. But other then that we had a great time.

 Trying to get all the kids to look at me at the same time for a picture is a thing of the past I decided.
 Brielle has always had a great love for all the charterers.
 We learned Bodel did not like Captain Hook He walked up to her and he quickly ran away from her reaction  Cousin Max was still wondering what just happened.

 Bristol loved the carousel and screamed every-time we took her off.

 Bell was showing our girl's in the parade that they were wearing her same dress.
 Bodel happy at breakfast
 Baxter is always so good with the girl's
 the new show they have the world of color is amazing. It is the best show I have ever seen.
 The girl's got a amazing experience when a Disney worker came up to us and invited us to go backstage were they were filming for the day, They got to watch Rapunzel live and meet a bunch of Princess were they got to spend a ton time with them.

 Bell remembered the girl's from the parade and was telling them she had seen them in her same dress

 The girl's just loved the princess. Bodel just loved Cinderella.

 On our morning walk to Disneyland, We stayed across the street.

 A rare picture of the boy's. We let Baxter and Bridger take off by there self most of the time. That way we could go on the little kids rides and they could have a lot of time on there rides. That is why I did not get many picture;s of them.
 When we were back stage with the Princess they were so impressed how patient Boston was that they gave him a free pass to get on his favorite ride first all day. Little did he no that his ride had closed down. Poor kid.

 Everyone was obsessed with Brielle hair. Here is the princess from brave asking her if it was all real.

 and here is Flynn playing with it to. She got so many compliments on it. One thing about it our family stands out and we get a lot of looks and a lot of are they all yours. And everyone always wants to know the story of our children.