Monday, January 25, 2010


I know I haven't really talked a lot about Jason and his back lately. I think we our just as tired of hearing about it as anyone. He went back to light duty in Dec and has been doing pretty good. The second surgery resulted in a few problems after surgery. They have given it some time to get better and it has not. They did a MRI a few weeks ago to check out what was going on. They sent him to a specialist. They are going to start with a series of a lot of tests. None that are going to be much fun. They will decide if it will heal itself or if they are going to have to go in for surgery and fix it. It's not his back, but some Nero problems. The good news is he is heading back to the floor in two weeks. We our very exited. It will be right at his year mark. It will be a big change in our life's. We have a good feeling with him going back to the floor. So hopefully he can be strong enough and do good. He finally got a bid at a station off the strip. So he is very excited about that. It will make it way easier on him. We our headed to Disneyland a week after he goes back to the floor. If everyone remembers what happened last time we were all packed for a week at Disneyland and Jason hurt his back the day before at work and we were UN able to go. So I decide I'm looking for volunteers to go if the same thing happens again. Were going with or with out him this time. Can you feel the love!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Jason Birthday

I asked Jason what he wanted to do for his Birthday and all he wanted to do is go shooting. Brielle was a little disappointed when she had to stay home with her pink 22. So off went the boys shooting while mom, Brielle, Grandma Baker and Campbell went shopping.

The boys had a ton of fun shooting

It was fun to have Grandpa Baker and Campbell with them.

Time for cake. It took a few of us this year to light all those candles.

Brielle enjoying her ice cream way to much. We hope you had a great birthday Jason. Thanks everyone that came and helped us celebrate.

Happy Birthday Babe

Happy Happy Birthday Jason. I can't believe your 37. Wow I'm married to a old man. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday. We love you.

A few things we love about Jason.
1. He has always been such a hard worker
2. He can make you laugh
3. He has pretty eyes
4. He loves me more then anything
5. He is such a great dad
6. He is very tender hearted
7. He will sit and watch chick flicks with me
8. He good at taking charge
9. He acts tough, but on the inside he will melt from a hug from his little girl
10. He would do anything for his family
Love you babe!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain,Mud,and The Garden

Rain rain and more rain. I love days like today. It makes you want to sit down with some hot chocolate and enjoy looking out the window. But I get a little stressed looking outside and seeing mud mud mud and Lake Baker beginning to form. Our boys see this really cool place to go mudding on there four wheelers. We will see who wins tomorrow when I post pictures of 3 boys covered in mud but hey at least they will have fun right.

Our garden is really started to take off. As soon as the rain ends we will be planting it out side.

The plants on the right were planted two weeks ago and the one on the left about a week ago.
This is Brielle warming up our kitten. I was over at the neighbor house visiting her. I came out side and three of my neighbors were all looking up at this tree. Our cat had gotten scared and ran up it and could not get down. It was so wet. Our nice neighbor climbed up on the ladder and the tree and got it down for us. So Brielle was sure it needed warming by the fireplace.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Valley of Fire

We headed out for a drive in the rain today and ended up a few fun places. First stop some mineral springs.

Baxter and Bridger headed up to a cave.

As they got in it. We jumped in the car and took off. Just to tease them. Boston said yes I knew you guys only want two kids. Brielle said Daddy drive faster.

We spotted a wild donkey along the way. Which Baxter fastly told me the real name for the animal. I told him if he wanted to live to see 10:00 that he should probably not teach his sister the correct name for the thing.

Then we headed down to Ekco bay to feed the fish. We were attacked with seagulls as we were leaving.

Baxter and Jason trying to catch some carp.

Then we headed out to Valley of fire. The boys found these cool pictographs. You might have to click on the picture to see them good.

Then brielle pulling a little I'm as big as my brothers and I can follow them everywhere attitude. As I quickly reminded her she was not big enough she reminded me that But Mom I'm a Child Of God. What do you say to that.

We found these cool old cabins in the park, I made the kids stop for one picture. then off they went.

We had a Fun day

Sunday, January 17, 2010

The private dilemma

The private dilemma. I love being UN private and allowing anyone to look at our Family Blog. But on the other hand I'm having some really weird comments which were quickly deleted. I'm having some of my pictures linked to the Internet. So I guess I can't decide if I should go private or not. I want our Family protected. But I want all to enjoy are Blog that wants to enjoy it. I posted what I thought was a cute picture of one of our boys and our blog went crazy with all sorts of foreign and crazy things to it. So I locked it down. If you noticed Baxter's blog has been deleted due to some really bad things that were coming up on it that were all foreign. I'm going to keep it open but if we feel threaten again it will go back private for good. Just a warning to all be careful with what you put on your blogs if there not private.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Joy is having a Eternal Family

Joy is still having a great job when so many don't have a job right now.
Joy is spending time with your family.

Joy is taking family Vacations.

Joy is visiting some interesting places.

Joy is fishing with your kids.

Joy is when you walk into the kitchen to this.

Joy is capturing that innocent in your children

Joy is making your adoption final.

Joy is getting stuck when you take a short cut. But having enough people around you to help you get UN stuck.

Joy is holding your little girl for the first time.

I hope we can all find some joy in our life's today.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Volcano Fun

Bridger got this cool Volcano kit for Christmas. He plastered it. Then he painted it. Then tonight it was ready to go.

Bridger along with his little assistant let it erupted over and over again.

Notice Brielle and her Minnie PJ's she gearing up for Disneyland next month. She can't wait.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun weekend

Friday Me and Brielle walked across the street to a sweet lady's house. We saw her outside and just wanted to say Hi. She invited us to come see her Chicken's and Brielle was in Heaven. She could not wipe the smile off her face.

She let her gather the eggs. Brielle all so careful. She let here bring it home with her. She is still protecting the egg like a hawk.

Saturday we had another yard sale or we invaded our neighbors and the boys had a blast outside while we sat out there all day. Here is Boston and his friend on there bikes.

Poor Bridger's bow broke so he decide he would make his own. It didn't last long at all.

Welcome to our back yard dirt dirt and more dirt. The kids love it and wonder why you need grass. Me not so much.

We have all of our seeds planted. We planted about 20 different things. we are going to watch them grow in these little things, then plant them in the ground in a month or so. It will be fun to watch them grow.