Monday, August 31, 2009

Life is always full of changes

I guess I haven't really updated to much lately on Jason. He is still off work almost 7 months. Tomorrow we are going for his last injection. So far they have not worked. He really needs two different surgery's. One extremely complicated were he will prob lee not be able to return to work as a Fire man. The other about the same as the first. This is the surgery I'm really feeling like he needs. Which means another 4-5 months off work. I wish I had more faith in these injection there giving to him. But I don't. We will know in the next two weeks if we decide to go back in for another surgery. Life's not always about the trials that your facing but what you make of them. The best thing about this is we are able to go to the temple every week all day long together. Its been very nice. Our life is about to have many changes ahead of us, Our house is being put on the market this week. Which for the price I know it will go really fast. I know there is a big move in are short future. We have found a nice place to rent still in are ward and hopefully it all works out. Mean while please keep Jason in your prayers. I know in my heart everything will turn out good. Sorry I have been so bad at leaving comments on every ones blogs, I have just had a lot going on and been real busy.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baxter the bulldozer Baker

Way to go Bax!!! He had his first game tonight. They Killed Pahrump 24 to 0. He position is offencive guard. He did some real hard hits.

The Cheering crew!!! If any one want to watch and cheer on the next game its in Enterprise this Saturday.

And did I mention that I'm really sad that my boy is really this big. I'm having a really hard time with him growing up.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Where does the time go?

School started today! I come home a little sad. I can't beleive I just dropped off my little boy at middle school. Not that he is little anymore, he almost has me in height and weight it won't be long. Its so crazy that he is that big. And he has his first tackle football game this Saturday. Where does the time go.
Baxter 11 and 1/2 6th grade

Bridger 9 1/2 and in 4th grade. You notice something different with Bridger no more braces yea.

Boston 7 and in 2nd grade

Brielle only wishing she was going to school today. I can't beleive how smart she is getting. She got out of bed the other night and came in our room. She said can I sleep in Baxter room. Jason told her Yes and she put her arm in the air and pulled it down and said Yes! and ran out.

We decide to take pictures of us each year next to the kids to see how they grew from year to year. We missed Baxter by us.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Boston!!!!!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Boston. Boston had a great pirate party. Full of tons of fun and noise, but we had a ball. We love you little Buddy Happy Birthday.

Brielle all put out that this was not her Birthday.
10 things we love about Boston.
1. He is the sweetest kid ever.
2. He is so soft spoken.
3. He can be super crazy
4. He is so so shy
5. He has always been our baby boy.
6. He loves to have a good time.
7. Is loved by all from his sweet spirt that he has.
8. Always takes so good care of his little sister.
9. Is extremely quiet.
10. That he is part of our eternal family.
11. That he is the shortest kid in his class, yet it never has bothered him. His motto Small But Mighty!!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

I love to see the Temple

We were in Las Vegas today by the Temple. We took the kids up there because they had never seen the Las Vegas Temple. This is the Temple me and Jason go to the most because it is so close. We went in the distribution center and Brielle said I'm in the Temple. Little did she no that she been in there before but does not remember. We get to go Wednesday for are all day ward temple day. Then that afternoon we get to do baptism for the dead with my young Women. It will be fun.