Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy thanksgiving! For some reason we only got A picture off Brielle. I guess the boys were to busy playing with there cousins.

Saturday we got A good start putting up are Christmas lights, One more day and we should have them done.


Cluff Family said...

WOW... your lights look GREAT!!! Can't wait to see the finished product! That is the CUTEST Picture of Brielle... I love her dress and that smile is ADORABLE!!!
Hope you guys had a fun Thanksgiving!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Love Brielle's Smile in that pic. So cute! Love the lights. We'll have to come down and see (and see your house) when your all done!
it was FUN seeing you guys for thanksgiving! I'll have to email you all the pics i took of your boys! (i got some goodies hee hee)

Sara :) said...

Brielle is such a cutie. She is getting so big. Love the christmas lights. Me and Brad still need to come see your new house.

The Stratton Family said...

haha that was a fun day! it was so funny how cadence thought that you gave her that dress! we need to come see you guys soon!