Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fun in the sprinklers

We were outside today and it was quiet warm, so I put brielle legs in the sprinklers for fun. She had to sit right down in them she loved it. She screamed everytime I moved her. I put all the pictures up because I just thought she was to cute. If you noticed in the back ground you see boston and his cool cowboy boots. Don't ask


The Stratton Family said...

that is so funny! she is a doll heidi! i cant wait to see you guys today!

Zitting Zoo said...

So cute!!! I love the look on her face! Sophia can't stop saying AWWWWW-everytime she see's Brielle

Spencer and Mindy said...

I wanna play in the sprinklers!! she is so so CUTE!! and I love boston's boots, spencer has a few pics of when he was little like boston in some cowboy boots too! Love it!!
we are so excited to see you guys today!!!!

*oh and we aren't bringing Cosmo this weekend. so you guys will have to come and stop at our place so your boys can play with him!!!! :) so call me when you get into town if you want. we are usually home around call!!!!