Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fair time in logandale

Its beginning to look a lot like a city around here in logandale. The fair has officially moved into town along with the rodeo. The fair takes place right next to the kids school. And from the looks off the carnival guys running around I think this will be the kids last day in school this week. Its so nice here a week of school that you won't be marked absent if you miss any days. Its the one big thing that comes to town so the hole town is so excited. Bridger entered a bunch of drawing he had made and hoping for a blue ribbon. He decided at the last minute he doesn't want to do mu tun busting this year. I think it has something to do with having four teeth pulled this week. Poor Bridger lost a total of 10 teeth and nine of them have been pulled by the dentist. Me and Jason are looking forward to the funnel cakes and all the food the fair offers. Not like I'm dieting but all diets are off this week. Jason is going to be running a little golf cart around the fair taking care of all the sick people for the fire department he should have fun. Well I' ll post some fun fair pictures latter.


The Stratton Family said...

dang! i wish we could come down!! that was fun the year we went! how long does it last?

when are you & brielle coming down?

Spencer and Mindy said...

Jason driving a golf cart full of sick people...is he the one Making them sick perhaps...? :)

Sounds like a BLAST! i'm all for the Fair, except the clowns...they freak me out! but eat some cotton candy for me! yummmm

Cluff Family said...

YAY for the fair! I can't wait to see pictures! I'm totally jealous of all that American Fried Fair food! I'd love some of it about now! I'm really missing all that good food that is horrible for you :) We hope you guys are doing well and THANK YOU for putting that package together! We really appreciate it!!