Thursday, June 26, 2008

Baxter's First All Star Game.

Baxter's first all star game is today. He is so excited for it. He is so proud of his uniform with his name on it. He also gets a bat with his name on it and it says all stars on it too. We just think this is a great opportunity for him. He has 4 games in the next 6 days in Vegas. I'm not so excited about driving in Vegas let me just say if you've ever rode with me in Vegas its not a pleasant experience. I just have to make it to Jason station and then he can drive. But there is one day I have to go by myself and I'm not excited about it. All I can say is hold on Baker kids.


sandy said...

Baxter I'm so proud of you, you look so great in your uniform. good luck with your games, Grandma wishes she was there

Sara :) said...

That is awesome he made the all stars! Good Job Baxter!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Baxter that Rocks! Good luck and have so much fun, and Heidi take lots of pics!!

**heidi watch out for scary drunk ladies that side swipe your car at red lights... haa haa