Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baxter's Eagle Project Part 1

Yesterday was a day Baxter has been waiting for about a year or longer. Over a year ago Baxter did his fund raiser for his eagle project. He earned 1300 dollars from a Yard Sale he did. He went in front of the Eagle board to have his project approved. At that time he was going to clean and repaint all the county garbage cans about 300 hundred of them. When he went in front of the board they turned his project down and called it maintenance for the county. It caused quite the up rour around our little town and people were very upset they turned him down. So that being said it took a lot of wind out of him and Jason and I. It took Baxter some time to regroup and come up with another project. This time he went in front of the board with a new idea. Behind our chapel they are putting in a new little park that the church owns. He proposed to build a fire pit and bench. He was approved right around Thanksgiving. And the brainstorming begin.

A few weeks ago he put a big cement pipe in were the fire pit was going to be. And yesterday the fun begin.

 Waiting for Baxter and Jason with the trailer of block.
 Baxter went to a place in Vegas for all the block and they gave him a great deal. It was a heavy load. They could not fit it all in our trailer and truck, So our Bishop that works right by the place filled his truck up to.

 Baxter started at about noon yesterday and had a ton of help show up threw out the day.
 Those blocks are so heavy 80 pounds a piece.
 Baxter had a bunch of his friends there, Along with a lot of people in our ward.
 Back's are sore today

 Everyone helped each other

 They are going to finish up tomorrow. Stay tuned for the finished project.


Anonymous said...

Great Job Baxter!!! You are a The Man!!


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh that looks awesome!!! great job bax!

sandy said...

Good job Baxter!!! So proud of you and what a great loving ward and family to be of such great help...

Unknown said...

Way to go, what an amazing project!