Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just one Please

On Sept 11th. I always try to talk to the kids and help them understand what happened that day. We always fly our flag and dress the kids to remember all that lost there lifes that day. I thought I would snap a few pictures because they looked so cute. After 17 Pictures I decide it was impossible to get them all looking at me. But i did get some pretty funny pictures.


sandy said...

They all look so cute and busy!!! !!!!!!! Looking so forward to seeing you soon. I bet the big boys were happy to not be in the picture but tell them grandma missed them.

Andrus Family said...

Heidi I love how they always have matching clothes! I am trying to blog more and check them out better since we are so far away. Hope you are doing well with all those diapers and kiddos. YOU ARE AMAZING!