Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bristol big day

 This past week Bristol had no idea what she was in for. If you have ever noticed Bristol eyes are pretty off . One goes way of to the right and the other one just goes 
Everywere. They could not correct them with glasses. We have been taking her to a specialist and last Thursday was her big day. 

They went in and cut 8 muscles in one eye and 5 in the other and reattached them to were they should be.
Poor girl went threw a lot. She struggled coming out of surgery she had a bad asama attack and bit Jason no one could hold her down. The had to knock her back out. She is doing better know.she has been sporting her sun glasses around and bright red eyes. It will be a few months for the redness to go away and for them to completely heal but she doing much better now.


Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my word. she's one tough lil lady! give her a big BIG squeeze for me. so glad she is doing better

Anonymous said...

Such a brave girl. Aunt holly

Philynette said...

So glad she's on the mend. What a deal for such a cutie!
Love Grumpa & Grandma B

Laurel said...

Such a sweet heart! I hope she heals fast - young ones usually do.