Tuesday, November 12, 2013

I Phone pictures

So I know I have been horrible lately with blogging. I use to love blogging. And know for some reason I don't enjoy it that much. I share so many picture's anymore threw instant gram that it seems so much easier and faster to do it that way. But I also love keeping a journal and this is my way of doing it. So hopefully I can find that drive to want to do blogging again. We have had a lot going on lately, I thought I would share some. All picture's are from my I Phone I need to do better at caring my camera around.
Brinley and Bristol are best Little friends. They are inseparable. 
Brielle has been doing so good at violin. She has played at many funerals lately and in sacrament.
Bracken and Bodel oh man they keep you on your toes. They are so cute. But man they are fast and into everything and out the front door faster then you can think and have split up and are both running a different direction.
This day we were heading to the cannery in Vegas.
Jason loading the van and trailer full of food storage we picked up for us and our ward.
Bridger and Bodel maxing and relaxing watching TV. Bodel loves TV. She gets so mad if you walk in front of her while she watching her show. The picture is a blurry because it from my phone.
brielle brinley and bristol are all in cheer they love it.
Our neighbors goat that randomly walked in our house one night.
Brielle and her cute friend
Baxter driving me home from vegas, Yes scary
Fun day at the fire station, Bristol had just had surgery on her eyes so there pretty swollen in this picture. They look great now.

Bridger and his friends out four wheeling. Man he got super stuck. Baxter went and pulled him out.
Bridger and his friends heading out on a overnighter
Saturday ice cream after chores. The kids favorite thing about Sat.

Aren't they cute,
Brielle lost her first tooth. Then her second the next day.
A little of our lives latley, more pictures hopfully to come soon.


Spencer and Mindy said...

i'm like you, i feel like I share so much on Instagram, that blogging seems pointless. but then I always say that my blog is my journal...so I can't give up, right?!! RIGHT! ha. Keep up the blogging, I for one Love reading what's going on. Miss you guys! and Love Love that you use instagram now! :)

Laurel said...

Yes, and you have to blog for me because I am old school. All the kids are so adorable and you are amazing!

Andrus Family said...

I always seem to join something once it is the thing of the past. Now that I am attempting to blog better, there is something new. Oh well, don't stop! Love to see all the pictures.

sandy said...

I love reading the blogs please keep it up. All I can say is busy, busy, busy!!! Love the kids and pictures:)

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