Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Jason Birthday

Jason had a pretty fun Birthday, He had a dentist appointment and had his teeth cleaned. He was not impressed he had to go to the dentist on his birthday. Then we all went out to dinner and came home and had cake and icecream.

Jason was not impressed with me putting butter on his nose. So he smuttered it all over my face. heidi used enough butter so i gave her kisses and tried to snuggle she was not as accomidating as she could have been so butter got spread around a little

Oh by the way, I chopped more then 12 inch off my hair yesterday and try to dye it back to my normal color. Jason is sure this look wil last a week or 2 .


Jon & Bridget said...

Your hair looks so cute. Will Brielle actually stay in that thing? Jt has figured out how to get out of it. So much for keeping him hostage. :)

Zitting Zoo said...

I'm glad you guys had a great night-I love the butter-reminds me of the wedding cake fun-I love your hair-so cute!

sandy said...

fun nite! Your hair looks cute and you look young!

Cluff Family said...

Looks like a fun day... I agree, going to the dentist shouldn't happen on your birthday especially for a cleaning.... cleanings end up hurting my mouth more than a regular dentist appt. Anyway, glad he got the butter.... and you too Heidi... LOL Looks like a fun night!! Your kids look soo old in that picture!!

-Ben, Jill, and Holdyn

Spencer and Mindy said...

Love the butter! And yeah NO Dentist appt. on you birthday, especially a Cleaning...yikes!! :)
Looks like you had a Great b-day jason! yay!

Heidi i can't believe you chopped of more than 12 inches off! WOW! It looks so cute from the pic! you look Great! (especially the butter hee hee) way to go Jason!