Wednesday, January 9, 2008

One Two Three Lets Bowl !!!!!!!!!!

Last friday we went mesquite and when't bowling. It was alot of fun as you can tell we did ok. These our scores from the first game. WE did much better the second game.


sandy said...

LOOKS LIKE YOU HAVE SOME GREAT BOWLERS! brielle looked like she was ready to get in the middle,glad your making fun family memories

Sara :) said...

It looks like you guys had a lot of fun and I noticed Baxter beat you in bowling. :)

Spencer and Mindy said...

Ok, next time you guys are here in st. george, you need to come over and play bowling on our Wii! it's SO FUN!!!!!!!!!
*i love that the bowling ball is almost as big as Boston! ( and he totally would beat me at

Love all the pics!

Cluff Family said...

I love it! That picture of Brielle is a great shot! She has such a big smile! I am totally jealous! I haven't been bowling in ages!! Some day when we are back on the mainland we'll have to go... "bowling, bowling, bowling... keep them balls a rolling...." is that song still on the radio???

Glad you had a fun time!


The Stratton Family said...

haha! remember when we went bowling!? that was so fun! that was back when boston was by buddy and didnt side with beau so much! we need to go again soon!

ps. i am trying to call you!! why arent you answering?

Zitting Zoo said...

I love it!! You guys look like you all had a great time! We have a bowling alley in town I keep saying we need to go and now I am sure of it!