Monday, February 18, 2008

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My Slideshow 2/18/08


Zitting Zoo said...

I love it!! WOW!! He is a young man now. I can't believe it !!!! Happy Birthday Baxter!!! We all love you!!!

The Stratton Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BAXTER! im so excited to (soon) have you as my nephew! even if you do steal beau away from me! :) beau really loves you a lot and you are one of his best friends! thats for being such a great kid! all our love! -beau and stef

ps. that slideshow was SO cute! i loved the song!

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh those pics are so SWEET!! its weird how i can totally Remember Bax at each time flies!! I Loved the slide show of baxters life! what a fun idea!

Unknown said...

Happy 10th Birthday Bax! We hope that your day is great and you get lots of cool presents!! You are such a cute Kid and a great big brother. See you soon!
Love you lots,
Uncle Patrick, Aunt Tiffy, Cadence and Maddie

Cluff Family said...

Happy Birthday Baxter!!! I totally remember him when he was a little baby! What a cutie! Oh, and Jason, I totally miss your mullet! hee hee! Those were great pictures! We hope that you have a VERY fun 10th birthday! Let us know how it goes!!!


Sara :) said...

I love all those pictures. So cute!