Friday, July 25, 2008

Just a few things so far on are trip

We came down from the mountain and spent the 24th of July in beaver. The boys rode in the parade with there grandpa baker and uncle Elmer. Then we had a fun BBQ and fireworks with there cousins.

Mom Bostons touching me.
We have done lots of fishing.
and campfires.
and even found some snow.

and Baxter well he was coming down a hill and rolled his four Wheeler he jumped off and the bike went tumbling down the hill Jason chased it and caught it with his leg right before it went off the cliff. His leg is quite sore. Well so far so good we will be back in a week and a half.


Zitting Zoo said...

Looks like your all having a great time! Be safe!!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

heck yes! i love all the pics! makes me wanna come camping this weekend Real bad! :(

*is jason secretly Superman? So glad that Bax is ok, and that jason saved the 4 wheeler and ONLY hurt his leg. What a brother i have! ;)

keep having so much fun!

sandy said...

glad to see your having a great time, be careful but have fun. hope to see you all soon