Sunday, July 13, 2008

Zion and the Renaissance fair.

Good news brielle found her brothers, We went up two days early for the boys because brielle was having such a hard time without her brothers. I think the boys missed her more then us. We took off from my moms and headed up to zion for the night.
The zion shuttle was quite the experience.
We hiked to weeping rock, Part of the narrows and made it all the way to the third emerald pool. Its always quite the experience hiking with jason some how we got off the path and jason took us for are own little nature hike for a few miles all up hill. He loved it the boys keep saying why are you torchering us like this, and brielle she just hum the theme song to Indiana Jones the hole way up. She picked it up somewhere it way cute.
This is a squirrel up at the top pool it wouldn't leave me or brielle alone, it keep take brielle crackers from her.
We went up to cedar city on Saturday with my mom and met up with my sister and her girls and went to the renaissance fair it was way fun.

This will probably be my last post for a few weeks. We our taking off for 3 weeks camping I can't wait to find some cooler weather.

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Spencer and Mindy said...

oh my word! how much fun does it look like you guys had?! i love that Brielle hums the Indiana Jones theme song, SHE ROCKS!! and i can totally just imagine the 'hike' jason took you on...WHY ARE YOU Torturing us!!??" your kids ROCK!! love them!

*and i still can't beleive that you guys go camping for 3 weeks!! yikes!! ha haa...take lots of pics for us!