Wednesday, November 5, 2008

People Tag

A few people where doing this post and I thought it looked fun. Just a little about the people on my link list on my blog.

Adam and Martha , Adam is Jason brother. They have the cutest kids. We don't get to see them very often. But we love spending time with them.

Angel and jen, Jen is one of my best est friends from high school, We had way to much fun together. She has such a darling family.

Beau and Stef ,Beau is my brother, He is one of my boys favorite people. His wife Stef is so fun and is so crafty.

Ben and Jill, Jill is Jason sister. Her and her husband Ben have been living in the Caribbean for the last two years while he has been in medical school. They our back in the states now. We our happy to finally get to spend some time with them and there two cute cute Girls.

Brad and Sara ,Brad is Jason brother. Our kids love playing with there 5 cute kids.

Bruce and Kerry ,Bruce is one of Jason best est friends from school and also was his best man at our wedding. Its fun that we found them threw blogging and can keep in touch.

Chris and Janea, Janea is my neighbor, I have known her for most of my life, her and my little sister were good friends in school.

Craig and Lisa, Lisa was my best friend in school. We had so much fun together. She lives way to far away in new york. I wish she was closer so we could hang out. She also has three boys and one girl. They our super cute.

Dj and Megan ,Megan is my cousin and has two super cute little boys.

Fsa Blog ,This blog is from the lds church. Its on family supporting adoption. And its a great tool if you want to no anything on adoption.

Goodrichs ,Cyndi was one of my friends from middle school. She lives here in our little town. She is super good at everything she does and has way cute kids.

Grant and Holly ,Holly is my sister. She lives in organ and I only get to see her about once a year. she is expecting number 5. She has two cute boys and two cute girls.

Joel and Brenda ,Brenda is Jason sister. They have three cute girls and just had there first boy.

John and Bridget ,Bridget is my cousin. They adopted a little boy about the same time as we adopted Brielle. It has been fun to see them grow up together.

Matt and Jenny ,Matt is Jason cousin. They have two cute boys and our expecting twins.

Mike and Lisa, Lisa was on of my friends from school then she moved away. She now lives in the same town as me. I need to call her and get together as soon as I have a moment to my self.

Mindy and Spencer ,Mindy is Jason sister. Her and her hubby Spencer just had there first baby and shes a doll.

Ramsey ,Ramsey is my cousin. He is enjoying life as a returned missionary.

Randy and hope ,Hope is the funniest person I no. She is married to my somewhat cousin randy. Me and randy go way back. They our both so fun.

Sean and Joann ,Joann and sean. Shawn went to school with Jason. I met Joann threw sean she is so fun. We use to hang out all the time but the moved away. Its been fun blogging so I can keep in touch with there family.

Shane and Brandi ,Brandi was one of my good friends from high school we had a ton of fun on the drill team together. She has super cute kids.

I also have many faithful followers I would love to let everyone no. If you leave a comment I will put something about you on my blog It would be fun.


Unknown said...

You are way too kind. (Thanks!)

Joann said...

Thanks Heidi. Those were some fun times. I love the blogging world so we can stay in touch.