Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Baxter's Letter to Santa

Today I went to parent teacher conference. I'm always worried what the teacher our going to say. I don't know why. Well Baxter teacher said I had the kids right a letter to Santa. I thought you might want to see Baxter. Thinking in my mind oh no.This is letter.

Dear Santa,
I've been patient for Christmas this year. And I hope you come and bring

me what I've wanted. My list has changed a lot during the months but here is two

things I'd like. A I pod nano to listen to on very long trips or at games or even at

home. They thing I want the most this year is for my sister to get better. She has

been sick for 2 weeks and went to the hospital last weekend and it was scary and I

hope you could do that.

This is what I would like this year and I hope you can bring it all. Especially

remembering my sister.

Sincerely, Baxter Baker

What a sweet big brother. I'm so proud of him.


Hopie said...

Oh, you should be so proud of him. That totally made me cry. It was so unexpected. Good mom moment. You guys must be doing something right!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

Wow! What a great kid! Made me cry! You and Jason are such great parents and it shows in moments like this-

Lisa said...

What a good kid! He definitely loves that little sister of his. Let me know if you need anything. 397-2467 Also, thanks so much for the cookies last night. At first I couldn't figure out who the little boy was, and then I opened the card. What a nice surprise!

The Stratton Family said...

bax is such a sweet big brother! i think he takes after his uncle beau! ;) all of your kids are sweethearts, you should be proud! im glad our kids are going to have such awesome cousins to look up to!

Cluff Family said...

I've totally got tears in my eyes! What a great kid! He must get it from his mom. I hope Brielle gets to feeling better soon. Let us know if we can do anything to help! We love you guys!

Sara :) said...

Baxter is such a sweet kid.

Guzman Gang said...

How sweet! I would be proud of him too!!! Have a great Christmas!

Joann said...

He is so sweet. I hope she's doing better.