Thursday, January 29, 2009

Boston Makes the local newspaper

Grant Bowler Elementary foster grandma, June Bullock, quilted 18 pillows for the students in Mrs. Karen Wilson's first grade class. The pillows were presented to students on Thursday, January 24. This wasn't a task to assist the teacher, but an act of kindness from the heart.

Mrs. Wilson had been teaching her students all about shapes and patterns. She assigned then to draw a quilt pattern using what they had learned. The children all colored their assignments and then chose a name to describe their wonderful creations.

Bullock took one look at these quilt patterns and told Wilson she had a plan. She asked to borrow the student's assignments. She had thought it would be a fun surprise for the students if she quilted them each a pillow from their own design.

Bullock has a lot of quilting experience. She has had a love of the craft since she was seven years old.

Beginning just after Thanksgiving, Bullock had her work cut out for her. Each pillow took approximately six hours to complete. When completed, each one looked exactly like the drawings the kids had made. On the back of each pillow was handwritten the title of their individual drawing as well as a small message from Grandma Bullock.

The pillow writing was done by Wilson's daughter Bethany who was kind enough to donate her time. A majority of the material was donated by Kathy Wheeler and Mary Bullock.

Mrs. Wilson didn't tell her students what Bullock was up to, instead she coordinated a little party in the Library to surprise them with the presentation. As Wilson thanked Bullock for all of her help it was plain to see her appreciation. "You save me hours and more importantly you enrich the lives of the students," she said.

Grandma Bullock had the pillows wrapped in black bags so that all the children could open them at the same time, the students were very surprised and excited. "I'm gonna sleep on this tonight," exclaimed Michael Sumner with excitement.

Blake Bush said he was surprised and he thought his pillow was "pretty cool". Blake said that Bullock is always helping in class and that she helps him with spelling.

Bullock had one more surprise up her sleeve as she approached Mrs. Wilson with a gift bag. With the excitement of a child Mrs. Wilson said, "You made one for me?"

Mrs. Wilson's pillow had a piece of fabric from each of her students pillows and a special message on back from Bullock.


Anonymous said...

way to go Boston, I'm so proud of you and your a good designer

Anonymous said...

that was Grandma

Anonymous said...

way to go Boston, I'm so proud of you and your a good designer

Jon & Bridget said...

That is so sweet! He has a big class... it must have taken her forever! How are you guys doing? excited for Disneyland? I want to come too ;) I hope you have fun and hope to see you soon.

Hopie said...

Pretty cool story!!!!

Zitting Zoo said...

Great Job Boston!! Love your design!!!