Sunday, March 8, 2009

A random post.

I was going threw some pictures last night and found a few I wanted to post and never got to it. So I figured because we really won't be going anywhere for awhile, while we wait for Jason to get stronger, I would post a few things we have been doing in the last few months.

We went to this fun adoption breakfast in Las Vegas. It is were people that have adopted and are waiting to adopt get together it was really fun. The boys had a blast pulling the hand cart around.

This day we took the kids down to the bodies exhibit in Las Vegas it is in the Luxor hotel it shaped like a pyramid. Bridger has wanted to go in there ever science he was little. The bodies exhibit was quite interesting. I was grossed out the whole time. I think the kids joined me. Jason of course was totally amazed. We took the kids to the rain forest cafe to eat/ It was such a fun place, Boston is pictured with his dessert. It was way cool.

Brielle loves to help Jason sort and load bullets,I'm not quite sure if he likes it as much as her.

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