Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life is always fun

I think that life is always crazy. I keep telling myself that the lord only gives us what we can handle. I know every test that he gives us just makes us stronger. I took Jason in to Las Vegas last week for another MRI and today was his doctor appointment to find out the results. Well he had a 5 percent chance of re herniated a disk and out of the 4 disk the worst of the 4 has re herniated. Witch means a few things. 1 more month off work a few more trips into Vegas for injection in his back. And a month of waiting to see if the injections work or if we will be going back for surgery soon. Don't get me wrong most people ask if I'm ready to kill my husband yet. I amazingly have been enjoying him home and will be sad the day he has to go back. Please keep him in your prayers, His pain is doing pretty good, He just needs some prayers that he can get past this and he can return to a job he loves.


Lisa said...

Oh no! I was hoping everything would be better. That stinks. Sorry, Jason. I hope the injections work & no more surgery is needed. We'll keep you in our prayers. Only about 4 or 5 more weeks until we can meet our little girl! I am so excited! I want my body back, too. I miss the waist that I DID have at one time. miss you guys! Keep in touch.

Anonymous said...

our prayers and love are with Jason, We Love You and hope your well soon!

Cluff Family said...

YIKES! Hang in there guys! We wish there was more we could do for ya'll!! We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers!! Hopefully you can still be able to enjoy some of your summer! We miss you guys!