Saturday, August 1, 2009

I love to see the Temple

We were in Las Vegas today by the Temple. We took the kids up there because they had never seen the Las Vegas Temple. This is the Temple me and Jason go to the most because it is so close. We went in the distribution center and Brielle said I'm in the Temple. Little did she no that she been in there before but does not remember. We get to go Wednesday for are all day ward temple day. Then that afternoon we get to do baptism for the dead with my young Women. It will be fun.


sandy said...

what a beautiful temple and great pictures of the kids. What a peaceful feeling!

The Stratton Family said...

cute pictures! we still need to go to the vegas temple with you guys! maybe when jason gets feeling better!

Spencer and Mindy said...

oh what cute pics of the kids! i haven't seen you guys in forever it feels like! we missed you at the reunion!!! (we only stayed friday and saturday, sophee was a lil' stinker)