Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday Boston!!!!!!!!

Happy 7th Birthday Boston. Boston had a great pirate party. Full of tons of fun and noise, but we had a ball. We love you little Buddy Happy Birthday.

Brielle all put out that this was not her Birthday.
10 things we love about Boston.
1. He is the sweetest kid ever.
2. He is so soft spoken.
3. He can be super crazy
4. He is so so shy
5. He has always been our baby boy.
6. He loves to have a good time.
7. Is loved by all from his sweet spirt that he has.
8. Always takes so good care of his little sister.
9. Is extremely quiet.
10. That he is part of our eternal family.
11. That he is the shortest kid in his class, yet it never has bothered him. His motto Small But Mighty!!!!


sandy said...

That is to cute, I love your costumes what a fun party Boston will remember it forever.
We love you Boston! We hope you have a happy birthday!

The Stratton Family said...

i love it! that picture of your family NEEDS to go on your christmas card this year!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOST!!! we love you very much!

Spencer and Mindy said...

RRRRRRRR Mateys!! Love it! you guys throw the Funnest Birthday parites! and that's a great family photo!! (cute brielle) :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOSTON!! Your such a cute kiddo! hope you had a GREAT Day!!!!

Cluff Family said...

That looks like the BEST party EVER!!! PS Heidi you look GREAT! Happy Birthday Boston!!! It looks like it ROCKED!