Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Heidi Hottie

It's Heidi's BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!
She is finially 18 and legal.
Thank you for all you do and all you are to our little family you are the Worlds BEST MOST AWSOME MOM WIFE AND BEST FRIEND!!
2 quick storries about how old my wife looks now
Last night she went to a Stake Young Womens meeting for the leaders.A stake advisor thought she was one of the girls. They couldnt believe she would be 18 tomorrow with 4 kids and married 14 years.
The second happened in the Temple. Heidi took her wonderful husband with her and the YW for baptisms at the counter to get the jumpsuits Heidi was in line with her laurels as I aproached to tease the girls then steped down the line to give Heidi a hug and kiss before I went to change; as I did the nice lady at the counter came running around the counter and said none of that in the temple leave that poor young lady alone. It was just a hug and a peck kiss on the cheek but she thought Heidi was a YW and was surley going to defend her they didnt believe Heidi was old enough to be married or Endowed . Good thing the Bishop was there to save me .

Anyway Happy Birthday WE LOVE YOU even if you truley are 33!!


The Stratton Family said...

happy birthday heidi!

Cluff Family said...

GRRREAT Stories..... I don't think you look 18... at least 20 :) You guys are hilarious!!! Hope you have a great Birthday Heidi!!!

Spencer and Mindy said...

Love it!!!
Happy Birthday Heidi! and i agree with look At the MOST 20! {heidi what's your secret?!?!?!) :)
hope you have a great day!

*i tried to send you a text this morning, but my phone said my inbox, or MEGA space was full..?? don't know what the crap that means, so sorry! you'll just get this message and not the text!

Tricia said...

Have a Wonderful Birthday Heidi!!

sandy said...

Happy Birthday Heidi, We love you lots! Hope you have a great day! and thanks to Jason for the cool blog!

Sara :) said...

Happy Birthday Heidi! I hope you had a great day yesterday and Jason spoiled you!